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Bowser Apologizes for Wednesday Snow Response, Pivots to Weekend Blizzard

The storm is expected to hit Friday at 4 p.m. and last for 36 hours, though conditions may change.

Mayor, Police Chief Rail Against Gun Violence

Bowser and Lanier addressed the spike in violent crime in the District, focusing on two incidents that occurred in July.

Law Enforcement: No Evidence of Shooting at the Navy Yard

"A call was placed from a building inside of the Washington Navy Yard for possible sounds of gun shots around 7:29 a.m.," say police.

Photos: Silent March for Victims of LGBT Violence

Slideshow. Columbia Heights to 17th and R streets NW. March 20. © 2012 Matt Dunn

MPD Says It Hasn’t Forgotten to Disclose 18 Murders

Is it OK not to mention a few murders? Homicide Watch DC says that the Metropolitan Police Department may have forgotten to disclose about 18 of them this year.
Homicide Watch D.C. has compiled a database of D.C.’s homicides this year using Metro Police Department and FBI press releases as well as press [...]

Groomes Declared Innocent!

Cheaters never win. But the Metropolitan Police Department has declared that Assistant Police Chief Diane Groomes isn't a cheater, so... she's won!
The police official once accused of cheating on an intelligence-led policing exam that took many cops hours to drudge through will not only remain on the force, she'll keep her previous rank and post. [...]

Some Cops React to Gray Giving Lanier the Nod

Some members of the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department aren't "furious" about Chief Cathy Lanier keeping her job. "I'm very happy about it," says one high-ranking police official, who asked for anonymity because members of MPD have been asked not to talk to the media. "I think it's good, I think we're [...]

Was Chief Cathy Lanier Supposed to Resign Today? Don’t Ask Cop Kris Baumann

D.C. police union chief  Kristopher Baumann has had a tough time getting through dinner of late. Just last Wednesday, members of a news outlet Baumann declines to name called him six times as he tried to scoop his vittles. If it's not reporters coming at him, it's residents: "I tried to [...]

Baumann, Mendelson Squabble Over Alleged ‘Golden Parachutes’ for D.C. Police Brass

At a D.C. Council committee hearing on Friday concerning D.C. retirement legislation some believe would lead to a golden parachute for police brass, police and fire union leaders asked why the bill was necessary in the first place.
"A: It's not good for morale," said Kris Baumann, head of D.C.'s Fraternal Order of Police. "B: It [...]

Cathy Lanier Won’t Exactly Go Broke if She’s Fired

It's not unheard of for new mayors to fire the police chief that served the previous administration. So, though she's got an 80 percent approval rating, after this year's general election and transfer of  administration, Metropolitan Police Department boss Cathy Lanier could be out. But don't feel sorry for her yet.
Following her unconventional rise [...]

D.C.’s Troubled Go-Go Scene Continues to Attract the Cops

A fierce Friday night in the District produced two shootings and six victims, two of which have died. The Washington Post reports:
"One victim was a 16-year-old District youth and the other was a 36-year-old Clinton man. The shootings occurred within an hour and 10 minutes, one in the 5900 block of Georgia Avenue in the [...]

Chief Cathy Lanier: The True Victim Of Fenty’s Latest Scandal

Don't you pity D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier? Murders are way down. And she's stuck defending Fenty's latest mini scandal. This past week, WTOP broke the news on Fenty's police-escorted bike training sessions. During his training, Fenty was able to ride wherever with the help of some D.C. Police motorcycle cops. This has provoked widespread [...]

Lanier’s All Hands Declared A Success (Again)

Last weekend, City Desk broke the news of the D.C. Police Department's checkpoint setup in Petworth. There's been tons of criminal activity in that neighborhood of late–which we've covered extensively. Some of the police tactics we've debated as well—namely its new policing-through-e-mail tactic.
But Lanier remains a staunch supporter of her All-Hands-On-Deck program. AHOD had another [...]