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Cheap Seats Daily: It’s Not Over ’til the Fat Lady Signs! Or Agrees! Whichever Comes First!

Stephen Strasburg and the Nationals played chicken, like those hot rodders in "Rebel Without a Cause."
That made for an amazing night to not watch sports, and just refresh this and that web page every few minutes hoping for some Breaking News. Would Strasburg be without a contract? Would the Lerners be without another top draft [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Joel Hanrahan Gets Nats a ‘Victory in the Win Column!’

Sally Jenkins rides with Lance Armstrong again this morning. Jenkins, who has written several books with Armstrong, references the druggie rumors more here than in the scads of her previous columns on the most accused drug cheat in the history of sport.
"It's what [Armstrong's] whole comeback is all about really," writes Jenkins, "coming face to [...]

Nats MVP: Chico Harlan

If Barry Svrlugla's reward for covering the Nats last season was to be the lead reporter on all things Michael Phelps, Chico Harlan deserves a front-row seat at the Second Coming. Since taking over from Svrluga earlier this season, Harlan has ably covered a team that is now re-threatening 121 losses.* Moreover, Harlan has reveled [...]