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Hip/Trashy Chicken Trend Leaves Angry Roosters on the Loose

In the long-running debate over whether backyard chickens are leading us to the trailer park or to culinary enlightenment, score one for the trailer park. The Post reports that roosters, abandoned by aspiring poultry farmers, are roaming free in D.C.'s suburbs.
Many chicken purchasers don't expect to get roosters, which are banned in some D.C.-area jurisdictions [...]

DC Urban Moms Clash on Whether Chickens Are for the Poors

Who would have thought that DC Urban Moms and Dads, D.C.'s most judgmental website, would have less-than-kind words about a member's plan to raise chickens in Montgomery County? What ensued was a deathmatch between two competing parenting trends: locavorism, and not wanting anything to do with the labor classes.
After the first poster asked whether chickens [...]

Something to Cluck About: RentACoop Brings Farm to Family

Juliana, 3, and August, 1, dashed into the backyard to gather a couple eggs from their coop. Their mother Pamela, followed behind, empty newspaper bag in tow, ready to pick up any overnight chicken poop.
Their eggs collected, Juliana and August headed to the kitchen to make breakfast. But this meal wasn't collected at a farm. [...]

Urban Chicken Debate Lights Up Hill Listserv

Last fall, Councimember Tommy Wells introduced legislation that would allow residents to raise chickens. DCist offers a good explanation on how the legislation would work: "Under the proposal, you'd have to get nearly all of your neighbors to consent before you could legally keep chickens in your backyard, which would be awfully tricky for some [...]

Coming Soon: Chicken Legislation!

The Examiner reported last week that Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells "is proposing to erase rules that prohibit fowl within 50 feet of any building 'used for human habitation.'" Essentially, us Washingtonians would no longer be forbidden to raise chickens in our backyards.
The article says the bill "was drafted on behalf of a Capitol Hill [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Chickens Coming Home To Roost

In Shaw writes on chickens in the city: "As I remember, I thought there were laws on the books that in one way or another say no to chickens. Just to make sure I checked The City Chicken, which according to it's chicken law page says, 'Washington D.C. Housing chickens here violates health laws [...]