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The Needle: Political Dangers

Bowser Hazards: A man posing as a cable guy stole two cell phones from Muriel Bowser's parents' home. Man picked the wrong home to rob. -3
Moon Dance: There is a full "supermoon" tonight, which means you can expect a 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter full moon than the full moons of 2013. +3

One of D.C.’s Best Corner Stores Is in Chevy Chase. Why Don’t Its Residents Support More of Them?

In the back of the Broad Branch Market, tucked behind the bulk dispensers of golden flax seeds (sold out), loose teas (10 varieties, amply stocked), organic muesli (nearly exhausted), and maple almond granola (plentiful), a store employee swirls, sniffs, and swills a plastic cup of sauvignon blanc. She takes notes as the wine distributor standing [...]

ANC Commissioner Thinks D.C. Could Pay Homeless to Shovel Snow

The Chevy Chase neighborhood email list was alive this week with residents discussing the dangers of having senior citizens shoveling their own snow.  The fines for those who don't shovel their snow, they argued, seemed unfair, especially when the city doesn't do a great job of shoveling snow in its own public spaces.
"My 80 year [...]

Chevy Chase Turns Into a Real-Life CW Drama

A Chevy Chase woman is receiving creepy notes at her doorstep, but for now it's unclear whether these short letters are random acts of kindness or something far more sinister.
The woman solicited advice from her neighbors on the Chevy Chase email list earlier this week after she received a number of these handwritten, ominous-sounding love [...]

Flower Thief Returns to Foil the New York Times

The return of spring also means the return of Washington's most refined criminal mastermind: the Upper Northwest flower thief. For years, the flower thief has terrorized the gardeners of Chevy Chase, Cleveland Park, and Tenleytown, ripping off their flowers for resale. So far, though, the thief has evaded capture.
This being Washington, what to do with [...]

Chevy Chase Pranksters Fake Chemical Spill

Kids these days! Where once high school pranks required only shaving cream, a feather, and a drowsy friend, today's practical jokers prefer to pretend that they've been blinded by a chemical spill. WAMU reports that a practical joke at Chevy Chase's St. John's College High School brought six emergency vehicles to the school.
The scare involved [...]

Chevy Chase Spooked by Manslaughter Flyers

Residents on the D.C. side of the Maryland line in genteel Chevy Chase were surprised Monday morning to find they had a new neighbor, according to flyers posted around the neighborhood: a convicted manslaughterer.
Headlined “BEWARE OF KILLER,” the flyers warned that a man who had lived in Chevy Chase had been convicted of voluntary manslaughter [...]

Did You Hear The One About The Guy Who Owes Nearly $18 Million in Taxes?

No really. And how does this even happen? The Post's Tim Craig tried to find out but was told the circumstances are confidential.
In a warning to those who owe the District, authorities seized a Chevy Chase man’s rights to his house because he allegedly owes more than $17 million in back city taxes.
The action, completed [...]

Neighborhood News Roundup: Burrowing Wasp Edition

A regular summary of irregular news and notes from neighborhood blogs and email lists around the District.
Not the Bees! Not the…Oh, Wait, They Aren’t Bees: As previously noted, Chevy Chase parents have voiced concerns about a proliferation of bees terrorizing their toddlers at a sandbox in Lafayette Park. But one reader on the neighborhood email [...]

The Needle: Armed and Rich Edition

Kill the Poor: The District's strict handgun control laws, thrown out by the Supreme Court two years ago, turned out to be yet another example of the rich in America being oppressed. Nearly half the weapons registered under the new regulations are owned by residents of Georgetown, Chevy Chase, and Palisades; more than 10 percent [...]

Confessions of a Wi-Fi Loafer – First Post

It’s an early Saturday afternoon inside the cozy basement café at Politics & Prose bookstore on Connecticut Avenue NW. I’ve been here awhile – a good long while.
I arrive with my laptop and a yellow legal pad before 10 a.m. and install myself at one of the little tables along the wall that leads to [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Chevy Chase ANC vs. Speed Humps

The Issue: The "humpification" of Chevy Chase. The advisory neighborhood commission is upset about three speed humps recently constructed in the 3700 block of Morrison Street. The installation was approved by neighborhood residents in June, but the ANC is miffed about their size—too big!—and wants them removed unless the Department of Transportation provides [...]

Murdered Couple’s Cats Need Homes

Mike and Ginny Spevak, the well-known Friendship Heights couple murdered in their home last November, left behind a daughter and son, their spouses, a grandson, siblings—a loving family. They also left behind three cats they adored. Two of them now need homes.

How to Get a Better Deal in D.C. Healthcare

Paying out-of-pocket for medical procedures like an MRI sucks. Paying for them in, say, Chevy Chase, Md., sucks even more. According to a release put out today by the Angie's list of medicine,, the disparity between what you'd be charged for an MRI of the cervical spine (no contrast) at a Rockville imaging center [...]

Need a Kidney? Try Your Neighborhood Listserv. Or Facebook.

Nora Greer, a 55-year-old woman who lives in Barnaby Woods, posted a message to the Cleveland Park Listserv in the hope of finding a kidney donor. It reads:
SOS. Next year I'll need a transplant as I slip closer to acute renal failure. I haven't been able to find a compatible match from family or friends. [...]