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The Needle: Stabby Edition

Cash Rules Everything Around Me: The lesson the White House appears to have learned from this month's elections is that voters think people here make too much money. There's not a much better explanation for President Obama's decision to freeze pay for federal workers, since the difference it'll make in the deficit is miniscule. But [...]

Tracking the ‘Scary’ Bay Bridge Meme

Did you hear the big news? The esteemed folks at Travel & Leisure magazine named Maryland's Bay Bridge one of the most scary in all the world! It's No. 9 on the list!
Today, the scary bridge news was mentioned by NBCWashington ("bloodcurdling"), DCist, and The Washington Post's Lori's AM Buzz.
Both WBAL-TV and The Baltimore Sun [...]

Global Warming is Here and Getting Worse, Report Says

Heavier rainfall, more scorching hot summer days, shorter winters, and spreading dead zones in the Chesapeake Bay – these are a few of the local impacts of global warming, according to a report released today by the Obama Administration.
The gist: Global warming is already here and only going to get worse.
Among the scarier scenarios for [...]