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Cherry Blossoms to Reach Peak Bloom Between April 11 and 14

The cherry blossom festival ends on April 12.

The Needle: Save the PBRs

Chopped House: Mythology Modern Chop House/Lore Lounge is opening on H Street NE next year and wants to start a wave of more upscale eateries and bars in the area. First, there are already upscale places there. And second, that sounds like a terrible idea—everyone loves tater tots and PBR. -4
Puff College: And the commencement [...]

Cherry Blossoms Hit PEAK BLOOM

The nearly never-ending winter seemed like this day would never come, and yet: The cherry blossoms hit peak bloom today, according to the National Park Service.
Peak bloom refers to the time when 70 percent of the cherry blossoms along the tidal basin are in bloom. This is the latest peak bloom date the city has [...]

The Needle: Popping the Cherry

Cherry Don't Blossom: Because it is March—and still so freaking cold—experts are pushing back the expected date of the cherry blossom's peak bloom from April 9 to April 13. -4
Parking Jam: D.C. was ranked the seventh worst city in the country for parking by some study. -3

The Needle: Le Diplomoney

D.C. Bourgeoisie: By its first anniversary next month, Le Diplomate will have made $16 million in sales, almost twice what the restaurant projected. +3
D.C.-list Celeb: Actor Mario Van Peebles is the latest actor to speak in favor of statehood. He's no George Clooney, or even Jeremy Piven, but we'll take it! +1

Cherry Blossoms to Hit Peak Bloom Between April 8 and 12

With slush on the ground and temperatures well below freezing today, it's only natural to speculate about spring. And judging by when the National Park Service expects the cherry blossoms to hit peak bloom this year, springs arrival is not so imminent.
James Perry, chief of resource management for the National Park Service, announced today at [...]

District Line Daily: Joint Legislation

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The D.C. Council is set to take a final vote today on legislation that would [...]

Photos: Cherry Blossoms

Full Slideshow.  Tidal Basin, April 7th.  © 2013 Matt Dunn

Picking Cherry Blossoms: Illegal, But Alluring

With the cherry blossoms' peak bloom estimated to start next week, we're also about to enter peak blossom-picking season. Of course, the threatened fine is enough to keep people from plucking the blossoms.
But not all! The Crime Museum, in an impressive effort to make a connection between something as idyllic as the cherry blossoms and [...]

Photo: Couple at Tidal Basin

©2012 Michael W. HIcks

Photos: Sunday at the Tidal Basin

Slideshow.  Tidal Basin, March 18th.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

Cherry Blossoms Could Bloom Earlier Than Early Prediction Earlier Predicted

The warm winter was already supposed to mean early cherry blossom peak blooming, but now it'll be even earlier. At least according to the Capital Weather Gang's Jason Samenow, who writes: "It’s hard to say whether the blossoms can catch up and reach peak bloom as early as they did in 2000. But given the weather [...]

Science Predicts Cherry Blossoms Peak Bloom Period

And the @NatlParkService peak bloom prediction is... March 24-31! #cherryblossom
— The Official NCBF (@CherryBlossFest) March 1, 2012

Now you know.

Fewer Metrorail Delays During Cherry Blossom Season

Well, maybe not fewer, but Metro is suspending track work during tourist-heavy periods in March and April:
The transit system says there will be no scheduled weekend track work on Metrorail from March 24 through April 15 because of National Cherry Blossom Festival events. On weekdays, there will be no track work during the day from March [...]

The Cherry Blossoms Are All Right

I've said it before and I'll say it again, this is the best winter ever. (Sorry, snow fiends.) But I would be sad if something happened to the cherry blossoms. Luckily, officials think they'll be okay:
The peak bloom time for the 1,678 trees around the Mall’s Tidal Basin will be announced March 1, the first [...]