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The National Zoo’s Bite Club

The animals at the National Zoo may seem like a generally docile bunch, but behind the scenes, they can get pretty rowdy. While baby panda Tai Shan’s nip of a zookeeper in 2008 and a 2003 zebra bite generated awkward press releases, some other animals at the zoo haven’t exactly been model citizens, either. Between [...]

Cheetahs Bite Deer to Death at National Zoo

A wild deer apparently jumped into the cheetah yard at the National Zoo this morning and didn't make it out alive.
Zoo spokeswoman Annalisa Meyer says in an email that a zookeeper heard "bleating" from the yard at around 11:40 a.m. and, upon investigation, saw a brother-sister cheetah duo biting the deer in its throat and rear.
The deer [...]

National Zoo Cheetahs Named After Winning Sprinters

As promised, the National Zoo has named its three-month old cheetah cubs after the fastest American man and woman who competed in the 100-meter dash at the Olympics this weekend. The cheetahs are now named Carmelita and Justin, after runners Carmelita Jeter and Justin Gatlin.
Congratulations to the cheetahs for finally getting names, but, as with [...]

The Needle: Moving In Edition

You're Not From Here, Are You?: Less than a year after the U.S. Census Bureau shocked everyone in the District with the news that the city's population had grown, by nearly 30,000 people, for the first time in 50 years, a new report came out today showing that no state (or "equivalent," as the District [...]

The Needle: Fried Chicken and Doughnuts Will Kill You Edition

Bad Boys: Police officials like to boast of record-setting statistics, but a new set of numbers aren't likely to cause any joy near Judiciary Square. By mid-June, 16 Metropolitan Police Department officers have been arrested this year; all of last year, the total number was only 17. The vast majority of D.C. cops arrested get [...]

The Needle: Drunks R Us Edition

Tipsy Tenth: Ever feel like the drivers around you are incompetent or blind? Turns out, they're probably just drunk. A AAA Mid-Atlantic survey finds one in ten drivers admits to driving drunk in the last year alone. Since only die-hard drunk drivers are likely to volunteer to a AAA researcher that they've done it, odds [...]