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Cold Case Or Cold Shoulder? Family Wants Answers About Trinidad Police Shooting

The District neighborhood of Trinidad had so many murders in 2008 that D.C. police decided to set up checkpoints along its perimeter–roadblocks the U.S. Court of Appeals later deemed unconstitutional.
Yet, as Johnny Barnes of the American Civil Liberties Union points out, "the only homicide in Trinidad last year was at the hands of the police."
It's a year and one day [...]

Baumann Wins Another Term As Police Union Chief

Yesterday, Kristopher Baumann won another two-year term as Chairman of the FOP/MPD Labor Committee.This will be his third term playing the sharpest thorn in the side of police brass. The preliminary vote tally shows that the rank and file more than approve of Baumann's work. Out of the 1800 or so that voted, Baumann received [...]

Trinidad Checkpoints Still Illegal

Today, the full U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia refused to hear the District's appeal on the legality of  D.C. police checkpoints. On July 10, a unanimous three-judge panel of that court ruled that the police checkpoints—which started in Trinidad—were unconstitutional.
The District's only recourse at this point is to take its case [...]

D.C. Examiner Needs Spell Check

This morning, the Examiner's Bill Myers dropped a sweet story on the D.C. Police Department's in-fighting over the Trinidad checkpoints. What makes the story so great is that Myers actually got the police department to respond to a FOIA and give him internal e-mails. So instead of boilerplate, he's got the good stuff. It seems [...]