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Dressing Like Che Will Cost You Your Paycheck

It's not Freedom Friday yet, dear City Desk readers–YET!–but I couldn't resist sharing this ridiculous bit of fashion goodness (and no, FTC, J. Crew is not paying me to blog about this).
Introducing: The Belstaff® Che Guevara replica jacket:

Who is “Che”? Soderbergh Hasn’t Got a Clue

Before Shepard Fairey wheatpasted Obama's portrait to walls, windows and the backs of those pushy midwesterners blocking your view of the jumbotron Tuesday afternoon, Alberto Korda's 1960 portrait of Ernesto "Che" Guevara was the most ubiquitous piece of hagiography to infiltrate the closets of American youth. Unlike Fairey's Obama, however, the very mass re-production [...]