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Chatter: Big Trouble in Little Chinatown

What you said about what we said last week
If a Williamsburg, Va.-based developer gets its way, the residents of the Museum Square Section 8 apartment complex will be out on the street soon unless they can match the $250 million the developer says the land will be worth once the building is torn down, as Aaron [...]

Chatter: Hate the Bin, Not the Binner

What you said about what we said last week
From the perspective of most residents, the District couldn’t have done much worse of a job replacing trash cans and recycling bins across the city earlier this year. Last week’s Loose Lips column showed how ugly things looked from the inside, with one aide to Mayor Vince Gray [...]

Chatter: Paid in China

What you said about what we said in our June 27 issue
In a rare moment of agreement, Washington City Paper readers have sounded in accord, and on a somewhat unlikely topic: a little-known federal visa program. In our June 27 cover story, Aaron Wiener reported on EB-5, which grants green cards to foreigners in exchange for their hefty investment [...]

Chatter: Christmas, Carol

Carol Schwartz is running for mayor for the fifth time, and her entrance into the race is bad news for independent candidate David Catania, as Will Sommer argued in last week’s Loose Lips column. But is it? “Why are you assuming that Carol Schwartz will only affect Catania’s vote?” commented Thunder. “I know that most of the [...]

Chatter: Welcome to the Fungal

What you said about what we said last week
When dwellings are afflicted by mold, there’s not much D.C.’s Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs can do about it. That loophole—and the health consequences that some residents have said they’ve suffered as a result—was the subject of last week’s Housing Complex column. Although a bill working its way [...]

Chatter: McDuffie’s Wings

Last week’s Loose Lips column pegged Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie as a formidable potential future mayoral candidate—a nod that earned several hear-hears from readers, and a few side-eyes. “I like how a whopping two years with no ethics scandals or trouble constitutes a ‘sparkling ethical record.’ Standards are just so low for councilmembers,” commented Dave, [...]

Chatter: Oral Arguments

What you said about what we said last week
Dream City, the 1994 account of Marion Barry’s D.C. by Tom Sherwood and Harry Jaffe, never got a paperback edition, but 20 years later, it’s become a cult read among the city’s aspiring political cognoscenti—and the subject of last week’s oral history by Will Sommer. “Dream City is a [...]

Chatter: Hot Lavatory

What you said about what we said last week
Bathroom sex! Last week’s Young & Hungry column concerned that most clandestine yet impetuous form of intercourse, a topic that plenty of D.C. restaurant and bar owners were happy to discuss. Readers were quick to suggest a few more hotspots for restroom boot-knocking. Like Zaytinya, where “there’s a [...]

Chatter: Shadow Boxing

What you said about what we said in our Politics Issue
In our March 28 Politics Issue, Washington City Paper declined to give a give a full endorsement to any of the flawed mayoral candidates, and it was all too much for reader truth hurts. “Pathetic that WCP can’t/won’t say which candidate it thinks is the best one among [...]

Chatter: Shelter Skelter

As D.C. weathered icier-than-normal temperatures this winter, its population of homeless families exploded, catching city social services underprepared, as Aaron Wiener explored in last week’s cover story. It was “a very different (but great, and sad) This Town story,” tweeted National Journal staffer Matt Berman. On Twitter, D.C. statehood activist Josh Burch wrote that the piece [...]

Chatter: Mind the Map

Of all the political battles to wage, why did Northern Virginia’s Korean community go to the mat over cartography? Last week’s cover story by Mike Paarlberg looked at the statehouse migraine caused by a quixotic campaign to include references to the "East Sea" alongside references to the Sea of Japan in Virginia textbooks and what it says [...]

Chatter: Corner’s Kaddish

Last week’s cover package concerned D.C.’s corner stores—the small convenience shops that can be found across the District and are often beloved and bemoaned in equal measure. Of the five shops we profiled, the most controversial was the one whose neighborhood has gentrified most dramatically in recent years: Bloomingdale’s Windows Cafe & Market. Responding to [...]

Chatter: Judgement Day

In last week’s cover story, writer Jeffrey Anderson reported that a D.C. Department of Employment Services administrative law judge had been hearing workers’ compensation cases for years without a valid law license and explored the heavy caseload—and sparse oversight—the judges have. Readers weren’t necessarily surprised by the revelation. “I did meet a judge once who really seemed on [...]

Chatter: Tea Time?

A few hours after we published Will Sommer’s cover profile of Busboys and Poets owner and mayoral candidate Andy Shallal (“Busboys and Politics,” Feb. 7), one campaign emailed it to supporters. Sommer quoted Ward 4 Councilmember Muriel Bowser calling Shallal “a rich socialist,” and that upset a rival. “I never thought I’d see this in a Democratic election [...]

Chatter: You Bet Your Ask

What you said about what we said last week
For last week’s Answers Issue, we tackled 25 questions about how we live in and think about the District. And our readers? They had a few criticisms, compliments, and, most frequently, addenda.
One reader, perhaps thinking of some of D.C.’s fastest-gentrifying neighborhoods, asked for an example of a once-poor [...]