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Chatter: State of the Wards

In which readers white-knuckle their pearls over Brandon Todd

Chatter: Survey Says

In which our readers dance with polls

Chatter: Answers to No One

In which readers get into the vigilante spirit over something pretty lame

Chatter: Equality Act

In which readers debate punishments and Postmates

Chatter: Foaming at the Mouth

In which readers are chill about a 'Styrofoam' ban, but the opposite of chill about conspiracy theories

Chatter: Sowing the ANCs of Doubt

In which readers are sick and tired of either Kathy Henderson or City Paper, but rarely both

Chatter: The Year in Rearview

In which readers join us in smugly looking back on all the ways in which "we told you so"

Chatter: A Fig Leaf

In which the Fig & Olive saga continues

Chatter: Brad to the Bone

In which readers compare Mrs. Bradley to a Renaissance duchess—not in a good way

Chatter: Greatest Gift

In which we remind you about our holiday gift guide

Chatter: Gripe It Up

In which our readers would like a few more places to Give It Up

Chatter: Maxi Rads

In which readers fondly recall getting high and almost bullied in school

Chatter: Fresh to Death

In which readers air their paranoia about entrenched corruption

Chatter: People Who Read People

In which we admit a blind spot

Chatter: Fig & Awful

In which readers’ responses to the Fig & Olive range from “ahh!” to “eh”