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Veteran Cop Hilton Burton Says He’ll Sue—Again

The D.C. cop who was just demoted after clashing publicly with Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier, Hilton Burton, says his lawyer is preparing yet another lawsuit against MPD. "They can say what they want," Burton says of getting his career shifted into reverse. "It's a bunch of shit."
Burton already has two civil suits pending against [...]

The Needle: Dreams Without Representation Edition

D.C. Meets MLK: The latest memorial on the National Mall will honor the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., whose 1963 March on Washington took place 48 years ago this Aug. 28. D.C. residents will get both a sneak preview of the memorial and a chance to claim King would have backed more autonomy from [...]

Charlie Sheen Police Escort: Okay With D.C.

A D.C. Office of Inspector General investigation has concluded that the cops who gave Charlie Sheen a police escort through the District didn't screw up.  It's also concluded that it doesn't trust Sheen's Twitter feed.
In a report the OIG said non-dignitary escorts "have been routine for years." In June, two officers who participated in [...]

Charlie Sheen Escort May Get D.C. Cop In Trouble

The D.C. police commander who suggested that chauffeuring celebrities like Charlie Sheen around has been "standard operating procedure"  for his department for years says he's in trouble.
Commander Hilton Burton says he's been "ostracized" by other police officials. He also says that, last week, Internal Affairs officers questioned him for a second time regarding Sheen's law [...]

Charlie Sheen and Pardoned Turkeys: Birds of a Feather?

Charlie Sheen remains the kooky albatross hanging around the Metropolitan Police Department's neck—only now he's been joined by a turkey.
Besides providing guarded companionship for the fowl that gets a presidential pardon for Thanksgiving, MPD has escorted  "Santa Claus," and sports teams like the Philadelphia Eagles. In 2003, Justin Timberlake got his own D.C. police ride [...]

Lawsuit Says Chief “Purged” MPD of Black Officers

A high ranking Metropolitan Police Department officer has named Chief Cathy Lanier in a multimillion dollar suit alleging both gender and race discrimination.
In May, The Washington Times reported that Commander Hilton Burton and three other officials had filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, claiming Lanier treats female [...]

The D.C. Cop Who Absolutely Didn’t Give Charlie Sheen a Ride

In all the excitement,  it's easy to forget that there was a third man transferred from the D.C. police division allegedly responsible for arranging a hurtling motorcade for Charlie Sheen.
The transfers of  Captain Robert Atcheson and Lieut. Stuart Emerman made national news this week, as Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier denied [...]

MPD Cracks Down on Tiger Blood?


The Metropolitan Police Department has been conducting an internal investigation into its members providing police escorts for celebrities like Charlie Sheen. Now, there's a shakeup in the police division that provided the escorts.
The motorcades violated official policy. In May, Chief Cathy Lanier told WTOP that Sheen's escort was approved by a "middle manager" in the [...]

No Police Escort for Sarah Palin in D.C.

Sarah Palin and Charlie Sheen have some things in common: They've both occasionally indicated they're open to questions about whether President Barack Obama was born in the United States, and they both seem to subscribe to an Oscar Wilde-inspired theory of media coverage ("the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about"). One [...]

The Needle: Orange Edition

Orange You Glad You Voted For Orange: The election many of you didn't realize was happening is now over, and Vincent Orange is—once again—a member of the D.C. Council. Sure, voter turnout was under 10 percent, and sure, 71 percent of ballots were cast for someone besides Orange. That doesn't matter! What matters is the [...]

Kal Penn’s Mugger Used Credit Card to Buy Gas

Obviously, Kal Penn (whose non-stage name is Kalpen Modi) doesn't have Charlie Sheen's mojo. The actor (of the pro-weed Harold and Kumar franchise) didn't have the foresight to hire a police escort to race him across town last April, as he prepared to take a hiatus from his job as an Obama [...]

The Needle: Two and a Half Police Cars Edition

#Losing: Being a celebrity has its perks. Not included among those perks, apparently, is the right to get a police escort through downtown D.C. when you're late to your own performance. Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier says there's no way Charlie Sheen's police escort this week was appropriate under police rules. Which, of course, [...]

The Needle: Winning Edition

Fully Loaded Panniers: The days of luxury SUV leases for District government officials might be over—Capital Bikeshare now has a station set up outside the Wilson Building. The new station was part of a big expansion for the service. Mayor Vince Gray checked out one of the rides, but didn't actually go anywhere with it. [...]

The Needle: ET Phone Parking Space Edition

Phone Takeover of Modern Life, Continued: Pay phones are already something of a relic. Now it seems parking meters could be another piece of ancient history for the next generation. D.C. government officials announced today you can now pay for parking using your smartphone. The parking app will not, alas, help free up available spots—or [...]

The Needle: Go Outside Edition

Tiger Blood: A spectacularly irritating, if not actually dangerous, man will soon walk among us. Charlie Sheen has announced that his "Violent Torpedo of Truth" tour will stop in D.C. on April 19, when he'll play DAR Constitution Hall. (We suspect using language that the Daughters of the American Revolution might not appreciate.) Tickets go [...]