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Defending Pershing Park Cost D.C. Millions

On Sept. 27, 2002, the Metropolitan Police Department rounded up hundreds of citizens inside Pershing Park. They then arrested them and detained them. For those hours and hours in police custody, these citzens were hogtied. And as soon as the last person was released—the city dropped all charges against everyone in this case—everyone knew that [...]

Jury Blamed Cathy Lanier for Whistleblowers’ Dismissals

City Desk reported the other day on a verdict that the Fraternal Order of Police says proves Metropolitan Police Department officials—including now-Chief Cathy Lanier—punished a whistleblower a few years back.
A look at the jury form for the case appears to show that though the jury concluded that whistleblowing was a contributing factor in the discipline [...]

Pershing Park Case: Charles Ramsey Enters The Evidence Hall of Fame

Last week, it was announced that former Metropolitan Police Department Chief Charles Ramsey will be inducted into the inaugural class of George Mason University's Evidence-Based Policing Hall of Fame. George Mason's version of a policing Cooperstown hailed the former chief with a lengthy bio, concluding on its website:
"A nationally recognized innovator, educator and practitioner of [...]

Fenty Admin Loves Its FOIA Denials: Loose Lips Daily

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—"Strasburg Arrives: Let the Gouging Begin!," "D.C. Schools Now Model For West Virginia," "Fenty Booed At Dunbar Commencement," "How The Gun Lobby [...]

Pershing Park Case: Ex-Chief Ramsey Sought Judicial Chaperone For Upcoming Deposition

During his tenure as police chief, Charles H. Ramsey faced countless challenges from coordinating an emergency response on 9/11 to helping to track down the D.C. Sniper. Of course, his job had other lower profile responsibilities like crime fighting and answering then-Councilmember Kathy Patterson's tough questioning.
So what can this veteran cop not handle?
Being deposed (again) [...]

D.C. Court Rules Against Cops In Discrimination Case

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled against six African-American D.C. police officers in their discrimination suit. Their lawsuit alleged that then-Lt. Robert Atcheson had used derogatory language towards them and had singled them out for abuse, denying them overtime and promotions. Legal Times reports:
"Senior Judge A. Raymond Randolph, writing for the [...]

Pershing Park Case: Bring On The Forensic Examiner

In this morning's hearing in U.S. District Court, Judge Emmet Sullivan edged ever closer to referring the Pershing Park case to the Department of Justice—signaling he's close to handing the matter over to Attorney General Eric Holder.
But first, Sullivan wants to order up one more investigative tool at his disposal: some serious tech support.
Following up [...]

Remaining Pershing Park Plaintiffs Amp Up Legal Case

For D.C. Attorney General Peter Nickles, Pershing Park isn't over. Though the city's top lawyer had just settled a big lawsuit with 400 plaintiffs over the mass arrests that took place on Sept. 27, 2002, there is another, more stubborn suit sitting out there.
Attorneys in the Chang case represent just four plaintiffs. But these [...]

Pershing Park Plaintiffs Speak Out On Settlement

On September 27, 2002, D.C. Police surrounded some 400 individuals in Pershing Park. Those individuals were rounded up without warning, arrested, and transferred to the police academy where they were hogtied for hours [See our Boss Hogtie cover story on the incident].
Sally Norton, a nurse in town for a conference at the nearby Marriott, had [...]

Pershing Park Case: Celebrating The Scapegoats Part 2

Earlier today, we linked to the Examiner's great investigative piece on District employee bonuses. Among the District employees that received a hefty bonus was none other than the Office of the Attorney General's scapegoat in the Pershing Park mess: Tom Koger.
Koger's boss, who must have approved his more than $2,000 bonus in October, is none [...]

Pershing Park Case: Plaintiffs File Response To Sporkin Report

The Sporkin Report continues to reverberate among plaintiffs seeking damages in the infamous Pershing Park case. Late yesterday, attorneys in one of the cases filed their own response [PDF] to the Sporkin findings [PDF]—repeating their position that a federal criminal investigation into the missing or destroyed evidence should be on the table.
The lawyers join a [...]

Pershing Park Case: Sporkin Report Reviewed In Detail

Late last Friday, Ret. Federal Judge Stanley Sporkin's investigative report [PDF] on Pershing Park was made public. The long-awaited document totaled 18 pages and included findings based on interviews with 14 individuals. Legal Times declared the report's conclusions "fairly modest." The report found  no smoking gun, WaPo observed. After a quick read of the report, [...]

What Is The Worst WaPo Editorial Ever?

What's the worst editorial that's run in the Washington Post in the last 10 years? I have a nominee.
On November 23, the District settled a class-action lawsuit for $13.7 million. The suit had alleged that more than 600 citizens were falsely arrested surrounding the anti-globalization protests in April 2000. Not only were these citizens falsely [...]

Pershing Park Case: Read The Document Nickles Didn’t Want You To See

In the past few weeks, the Office of the Attorney General has waged a curious battle against plaintiffs in the Pershing Park case.
Attorney General Peter Nickles & Co. fought over whether plaintiffs could depose a government witness. They lost that battle and the deposition provided devastating evidence of more discovery abuses.
The losing fight over the [...]

Committee to “Learn Lessons” from the Gates Arrest Forms, Includes Former D.C. Police Chief

The Cambridge, Mass., police department has announced the creation of a committee to "help identify lessons learned from the arrest of Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr." or, rather, to Figure It All Out. It supposedly will meet several times over the next few months and do what all committees do: make a report.