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Washington Post Memo: Don’t Send Washington Post Memos to the Press

After the employee cafeteria at the Washington Post's office downtown was closed by health inspectors yesterday, Washington City Paper and Jim Romenesko reported on a memo that Jeff Cox, the paper's director of operations and administrative services, sent the staff. That didn't sit so well with Post editorial writer Charles Lane, who just sent an email to newsroom staffers about the [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Marijuana Is so Going to Be Legal One of These Days Despite Hacks Like Charles Lane Edition

Good morning City Desk readers, and welcome to the dawn of a new era of freedom (Friday!). This week, the Justice Department announced that medical marijuana–and the people who sell it through dispensaries and the people who smoke it with a scrip–is no longer one of its concerns.
Do I want to be elated? You betcha. [...]