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Washington Times Columnist Forgets That He Hates Capital Bikeshare

Last May, noted red-hunter and Washington Times columnist Charles Hurt took on the communist roots of the Capital Bikeshare, describing his neighborhood station as "broken-down socialism."
"The bikes are shaped like the old-timey 'girl bikes' without the crossbar," Hurt wrote. "Making them suitable for un-liberated women in skirts as well as these so-called 'metrosexual' [...]

Charles Hurt’s Bikeshare Rant is Sexist, Too

Everyone's read Charles Hurt's totally batshit column about Capital Bikeshare for the Washington Times, right?
If you haven't, Martin Austermuhle at DCist very capably broke down just how batshit it is. But while Hurt's argument that Bikeshare is a Communist plot is exceptionally virulent, the public-transit-is-for-pinkos point isn't an entirely new one.
What is particularly chafing to [...]