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The Needle: Discretionary Spending

Sequestration Sadness The Department of Labor used taxpayer money to hire one of the Washington Nationals' presidential mascots to cheer up employees when sequestration hit. -3
Trendy Stampede: There was a long line along 14th Street and Florida Avenue NW today outside DTLR as customers tried to snag a pair of these pretty gaudy and not that [...]

Robin Ficker’s Still Got It, Whatever “It” Is!

Robin Ficker

I was on the Washington Post archives site recently and noticed in the middle of the page they had a list of the most popular stories currently being pulled from 130 or so years of newspapers.
On this night, the roster looked like this:

Most Viewed Articles (Updated Daily)
•  Display Ad 22 — No Title
•  Overnight Legend Descends on [...]