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Happy Holidays from Mayor Fenty—and Don’t You Forget It

Today at the D.C. Armory, thousands of city residents are lining up for big holiday gift boxes. This large-scale act of civic goodwill comes thanks to the Feed the Children charity, the NBA Players Association, and the city government.
And, for Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, in this nascent campaign season, such an act of generosity [...]

The Endless Story: Ex-Redskins’ Training Center in Anacostia Still Ain’t Open

I've written a whole lot over the years about the old Carver Theater building in Anacostia. Control of the property was transferred years ago from the city to the Good Samaritan Foundation, a non-profit group founded by Redskin heroes Art Monk and Charles Mann.
The beloved former athletes acquired the public land after promising the locals [...]

“Man, I Didn’t Get Shit for My Donation”

THESE ARE WORDS YOU WILL NEVER SPEAK if you help the National Zoo build its planned Elephant Exercise Trek.
According to a letter sent to me and other Friends of the National Zoo (FONZ), the exercise trek will allow elephants to "exercise, forage, and behave much as they would in the wild."
The zoo needs $500 grand [...]

1-2-3-4 I Declare A Thumb War

I remember when thumb wrestling was taken seriously. It was something you played on long car rides, as you waited for a movie to start, etc. It was something you did when you were bored. It was something the slight, the skinny, the uncoordinated could do and still have a legit shot at winning. As [...]