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Guandique to Be Arrested in Chandra Levy Case

At 1:14 p.m., Mayor Adrian M. Fenty held a press conference at D.C. police headquarters to announce that an arrest warrant had been issued for illegal Salvadoran immigrant Ingmar Guandique in the May 2001 murder of congressional intern Chandra Levy. The announcement has been widely anticipated since Feb. 20, when news accounts reported a break [...]

Breaking: Ingmar Guandique Charged With Chandra Levy Murder

Just announced by U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Taylor, with D.C. police chief Cathy Lanier and Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, down at police headquarters. Jason Cherkis is down there and will have a full report when he returns.
UPDATE, 2:40 P.M.: Video from WRC-TV...

Where’s This Chandra Arrest?

OK, it's been a week since news reports broke that an arrest in the murder of Chandra Levy was imminent. The Washington Post reported on Sunday:
"Levy's parents said D.C. police officials told them late Friday that they planned to make an arrest within 'the next couple of days.'"
Well, it's been a couple of days. [...]

What If Chandra Levy’s Killer Is This Guy?

I really hope the D.C. Police Department don't end up arresting this guy for Chandra Levy's murder.

Weekend in Review

Not sure whether the Newseum has an exhibit titled "Beat Sweeteners: A Quadrennial Tradition." But if there is, I nominate Anne Kornblut's Saturday piece in the Washington Post for a central place behind the glass. I am speaking of this piece of puffery, a profile of White House "fixer" and Deputy Chief of Staff Jim [...]

Arrest Coming In Chandra Levy Case

The Washington Post reports that an arrest is "imminent" in the years-old unsolved murder of Chandra Levy. Here's the story's first telling graph:
"The parents of slain intern Chandra Levy said this morning that D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier told them late Friday night that an arrest warrant in the eight-year old unsolved murder case is [...]

Gary Williams Recruits! We Now Have Proof That We Have Proof!

The Washington Post yesterday posted a transcript of reporter Eric Prisbell's interview with Gary Williams.
It's a fabulous conversation, and both Prisbell and Williams seem at the top of their games.
Williams comes off better here than he did in the Post's three-part, more-words-than-Chandra-Levy-got series on the Maryland coach and his recruiting tools.
Here, he's defiant throughout and [...]

The One Great Find Of The Post‘s Chandra Series

Looks like D.C. police got a totally sweet makeover computer game for Christmas in 2000. "Chapter Five: A Secret Meeting" of the Post's "Who Killed Chandra Levy" series includes an AP image of several doctored photographs the police circulated following Levy's disappearance. The photographs show Levy's face crudely Photoshopped beneath four completely ridiculous hairdos.
Find it [...]