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District Line Daily: Art Burn

Mayor Vince Gray faces a council that's skeptical over the D.C. United deal

District Line Daily: Crack Cocaine and Coconut Vodka in Pedestrian Death

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A 49-year-old woman is facing seven years in prison after pleading guilty to inadvertently killing a [...]

The Needle: Sports Town

Alley-Oop: A new ad campaign capitalizes on Washington's new reputation as a town that actually has successful sports teams. +3
Open the Court: A judge has been holding secret hearings over the murder of Chandra Levy. -2

Guandique Sentenced in Chandra Levy’s Murder

One of the District’s most sensational murder cases is finally over, with Ingmar Guandique being sentenced to 60 years in prison in D.C. Superior Court this morning.
It was quite a dramatic sentencing. Susan Levy, the murdered intern’s mother, pointed at Guandique in the courtroom, telling him "rot in hell." She ended her remarks by looking [...]

Chandra Levy Murder Trial: Ingmar Guandique Guilty

During the fourth day of deliberations, Ingmar Guandique was found guilty of first-degree murder in the 2001 murder of Chandra Levy. The announcement came less than two hours after deliberation resumed Monday.
Guandique originally faced another count of first-degree felony murder for allegedly sexually assaulting Levy in the trial that started Oct. 25.  The kidnapping and [...]

The Needle: Reuben Charles Edition

Reuben Charles in Charge: City Paper's Loose Lips columnist's job will be less fun over the next four years; apparently Almost Mayor Vince Gray has decided not to give the chief of staff job to Reuben Charles, who's got a long history of tax liens and default judgements related to failed business ventures. We can [...]

The Needle: Gary Condit’s Semen Edition

Chandra Case Closing Quickly: So much for the trial of the century; the court proceeding against Ingmar Guandique, who prosecutors say killed former Bureau of Prisons intern/Gary Condit paramour Chandra Levy, is likely to end ahead of schedule. Authorities dropped two charges against Guandique today, including charges that he attempted to sexually assault Levy before [...]

The Needle: Sanity Restored Edition

Fear the Sanity: Turns out a crowd equalling about one-third of the District's population showed up on the Mall on Saturday to demonstrate in favor of... well, Comedy Central, and the Roots, and also clumsy metaphors involving the Lincoln Tunnel. CBS News, which estimated the crowd at Glenn Beck's August march at 87,000, used the [...]

Defense Plans To Call Tattoo Expert in Levy Trial

As the Chandra Levy trial rolls on, the proceedings will eventually dwell on a creepy theory: Authorities believe murder suspect Ingmar Guandique has a portrait of his victim tattooed on his chest. H Street tattoo artist Paul Roe may be setting them straight.
In 2008, D.C. cops checked out Guandique in a California prison, [...]

The Forgotten Discovery of Ingmar Guandique’s Name

As the trial of Ingmar Guandique for the 2001 death of Bureau of Prisons intern Chandra Levy continues this week, the name of former U.S. Rep. Gary Condit of California still looms in connection to Levy's high-profile disappearance, which dominated national media in the spring and summer of 2001.
According to The Associated Press, a [...]

The Friday Limerick Review

Those PETA folks sure are astute
They do more than shout, "cows pollute!"
At noon they will blast
The sound of gas passed
As their 'inconvenient (fake) toot'

Remiss if I do not opine
on all that involves DC9
First charged with assault
Now booze sales may halt
Seems business (and fun) will decline
You talk while you drive in DC?
You dumbass; that comes with [...]

The Needle: Gary Condit’s Revenge Edition

Court is in Session: There were two obsessions for the media in the summer of 2001—sharks, and Chandra Levy. It was clear to everyone in the know that then-Rep. Gary Condit had killed his former intern; the only real question was when he'd confess, broken by the pressure of being the only thing anyone on [...]

Our Morning Roundup: The “Are You Insecure About Your Calves?” Edition

Hello, and welcome to today. It's Friday! You've probably heard about the expected hike in Metro fares and that the man accused of killing Chandra Levy is facing new federal charges.
But did you know that Tiger Woods is insecure about his calves? Honestly, that's the least of his problems right now, but let's consider the [...]

Chandra Levy’s Alleged Killer Arrives In D.C.

The Post is reporting that Ingmar Guandique has arrived in D.C. The paper writes:
"Federal marshals transported Ingmar Guandique to Washington on Monday night from a federal prison facility, where he was serving time for attacking two women.
Assistant D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham said that Guandique will be taken today from the D.C. Jail to the [...]

The Levy Case and Jailhouse Snitches–Part 1

Introducing the debut of Washington City Paper's blogging series on the centrality of jailhouse snitches to the case against Ingmar Guandique, the illegal immigrant from El Salvador against whom local authorities filed an arrest warrant on March 3 in connection with the murder of Chandra Levy.
When Ingmar Guandique first learned that he'd likely be arrested [...]