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The Needle: Better Draw a District Edition

Gerrymandering for the People: Census figures out yesterday meant two things—one, the decennial shock that the city's demographics changed, and two, we now know what wards need to grow or shrink as the city redistricts its political boundaries. (Alas, we also know that despite gaining nearly 30,000 residents, we will continue to have a grand [...]

D.C. Shocked by Demographic Change! (Again.)

Yesterday's Census report detailing the past decade's demographic changes gets major play across the city's media today. The Washington Post disptatches reporters to three District neighborhoods in search of anecdotes to confirm what the new data tells us: The city's white population has grown by a third, while its African American population has plummeted.
With fresh [...]

Vanilla City?

Word out of the U.S. Census Bureau today was that "metropolitan areas"—read, cities and their suburbs—are growing much faster than rural America. Which puts D.C. right in line with one national trend. But the nation's white population barely grew—which makes the District an outlier.
Census officials say 83.7 of the population now lives in metropolitan areas, [...]