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Census: D.C. Third Fastest-Growing ‘State’ in U.S.

District comfortably in front of two other states

D.C. Poverty Rates and Income Levels Basically Didn’t Change Between 2011 and 2012

Poverty rates and income levels remained relatively stagnant in the District from 2011 to  2012, the latest Census statistics from the American Community Survey released Thursday show.
In 2012, 18.2 percent of District residents lived in poverty—a statistically insignificant change from the 18.7 percent of people living in poverty in 2011.
The median and mean income rates [...]

Washington Gets Six Months Younger

An influx of younger residents over the past three years has dropped the median age in the Washington area by six months to just 36 years old, the Post reports. As young people move here or decide to stay after graduating from D.C. colleges, however, Washington is also losing its old residents.
So many young adults [...]

Apart and Parcel: What Housing Segregation in D.C. Looks Like

For the first time since a brief moment in the 1950s, neither African-Americans nor Caucasians account for a majority of D.C.’s population. The District of Columbia is at its most diverse, but the city remains grossly divided, a reality noted with such frequency that it threatens to become a cliché. That division, though, isn’t just rhetorical [...]

White People Flocking to Shaw, Nearby Neighborhoods

If you're looking for white people, you should head to the D.C. ZIP code that includes Shaw, Bloomingdale, and LeDroit Park. It leads the city in new white residents from 2000 and 2010, according to a list of the nation's 25 fastest-whitening ZIP codes, via Mike DeBonis.
Non-Hispanic white people represented 5.6 of residents in the 20001 ZIP [...]

New Yorkers: They’re Just Like Us!

The New York Times City Room blog summarizes demographic shifts in New York City and finds that the town lost 100,000 black residents—even as it gained 200,000 people—half of whom left Brooklyn:
Brooklyn, which accounted for 49,000 of the city’s 100,000 loss in black residents, experienced its own version of suburbanization as blacks moved from the [...]

What’s A Native Washingtonian?

Elahe Izadi poses an interesting question after reviewing Census data that reveals that most new residents in D.C. are from outside of the region, and most people leaving D.C. are moving to Prince George's County. The people leaving D.C., as we know, are overwhelmingly black, and the people moving in are overwhelmingly not black. Izadi writes:
All [...]

Study: Segregation Is Dead, Except In D.C.

The conservative Manhattan Institute has a study out that describes the "end of the segregated century." A lot of stats aren't a surprise: There are very few all-white neighborhoods left in the U.S., cities are more integrated than they've been in 100 years, and gentrification and immigration have reduced segregation in cities, but not as [...]

The Needle: Moving In Edition

You're Not From Here, Are You?: Less than a year after the U.S. Census Bureau shocked everyone in the District with the news that the city's population had grown, by nearly 30,000 people, for the first time in 50 years, a new report came out today showing that no state (or "equivalent," as the District [...]

A Hell of A Lot Of People Moved To D.C. Over The Last 15 Months

New census figures show that D.C. has grown by 2.7 percent just since last year's decennial survey. And in that 15-month period, the city gained more than 16,000 residents—more than half of the growth made over the previous decade. (Correction: This post originally said the city had gained nearly 30,000 residents since 2010.)
Mayor Vince Gray, of [...]

D.C. Is Pretty Gay

At least according to the latest census numbers. The District has 18.1 gay couples per 1,000 households.(Vermont is second, with 8.4 gay couples.) That adds up to 4,822 gay couples in the city. Oddly enough, states with lower rates actually have more gay couples raising children: In North Dakota, where there are only 559 gay [...]

The Needle: Are We Wimps? Edition

Wired And Dangerous: Hurricanes, we all learned last week, can be quite hazardous. Besides wind, rain, and flooding, though, the storms can also arm would-be assailants. Or at least that's what Montgomery County authorities say happened with in Silver Spring on Sunday. Richard Bialczak was arrested as Hurricane Irene's winds blew out of the region [...]

Pay Up, Newbies!

Mayor Vince Gray’s budget proposal takes aim at D.C.’s deficit with a combination of service cuts and new taxes and fees. To critics, the cuts (which fall heavily in the social-service sector) and the revenue measures (many of which amount to regressive taxes) will mainly hit the District’s dwindling working class. Who ought to pay [...]

I Sing of the Census 2: Electric Boogaloo

Following this morning's post about D.C. songs relevant to the Census data released last week, we've come up with a few more, thanks in part to suggestions by commenters. Add your own in the comments below!
Song: "Welcome to D.C."
Artist: Mambo Sauce
Year: 2007
Relevance: High. The Census found 20,000 new residents had moved to the District between [...]

I Sing of the Census

Last week’s Census report revealed that D.C.’s black population had plummeted—causing observers to declare that Parliament’s D.C.-inspired tune “Chocolate City” is now inaccurate. What should replace it as local musical cliché? A sampling of other songs about Washington is below; list your other suggestions in the comments.
Song: ”Bourgeois Blues”
Artist: Leadbelly
Year: 1938
Relevance: High. The late bluesman wouldn’t feel [...]