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The Needle: Now Fire the Owner Edition

Losing Team With Vexing Owner ISO New Coach: Mike Shanahan will be paid $7 million not to coach the Washington Pigskins next year, as the team fired him and most of the rest of its coaching staff, a day after ending this year's 3-13 season with a loss to the New York Giants. Shanahan won the [...]

Wonks: House Plan To Get Rid Of American Community Survey “Absolutely Terrible”

On Wednesday night, the Republican-controlled House approved the U.S. Census Bureau budget with one big change: GOPers voted to eliminate funding for the annual American Community Survey on the grounds that it's not required by the Constitution and is an invasion of privacy.
"It's an absolutely terrible decision—it's terribly shortsighted," says David Cooper, an economic analyst [...]

The Needle: Winning Edition

You're Not From Here: The District has a reputation for being a pretty transient city, what with national political types coming and going every two years. The Census Bureau just crunched the numbers, and it turns out that reputation is mostly deserved: Only 37.3 percent of D.C. residents were born here, the third-lowest percentage in [...]

The Needle: Expensive No-Snow Edition

Snow Job: Cleaning up from a snowstorm that didn't actually materialize turns out to be more expensive than we realized. Somehow, the District spent $500,000 this weekend, and the Virginia Department of Transportation dumped more than $1 million into northern Virginia road treatments. No doubt some government budget wizard has already calculated how much cleaning [...]

The Needle: Lunar Eclipse Edition

Security Theater: The usual delays on the Metro this morning had an explanation—the transit system debuted its random bag searches. Authorities questioned one man for eight minutes at the Braddock Road station, apparently because his bag had some sort of household chemicals on it, but stopped a grand total of zero terrorists. Which is pretty [...]