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CBS Reporter Turned Marijuana Grower May Not Have Been Dealing

When news hit that D.C. cops busted a CBS reporter for dealing pot, we thought the journo might be the hook-up for federal Washington's political and media elite. But a source familiar with Howard Arenstein's side of the case tells City Desk the 60-year-old Georgetown resident isn't Jason Chaffetz's weed connect after [...]

Coolest CBS Reporter Ever: Check Out My Pot Plants

It's hard for a talented gardener not to brag, and that might have gotten CBS reporter Howard Arenstein in a lot of trouble. A police source claims cops would have never come upon the radio reporter's enormous backyard pot plants if the suspect's ego hadn't swelled along with his crop.
After receiving a [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Dan Marino Says the Redskins Won’t Land Anybody Like Bill Cowher?

The Washington Nationals took out a full-page advertisement in Sunday's Washington Post.
Sure, the Nats season ended a while ago. But it makes sense that the Lerners would reach out while local sports fans are planning their sports ticket budgets and deleting Dan Snyder and Redskins.
But this Nationals ad is horrible.
After an all-glowing recap of the [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Snyder Crushes Radio Rival WJFK in Redskins Parking Lot Battle

FanZoneGate™ Update: Redskins spokesman Karl Swanson says WJFK, a new sportsradio station and rival to Dan Snyder's WTEM, had no business selling passes to the FanZone, a new private parking lot near FedExField that was set to compete with the Snyder-owned lots on Redskins game days.
Folks who bought FanZone parking passes on WJFK's web site [...]

CBS to Blow Stuff Up on the Potomac Wednesday

For a pilot about the FBI that may or may not get picked up for a show that stars someone who recently wrapped a miniseries shoot with Treat Williams, CBS Paramount plans to explode a boat in D.C.
Karyn LeBlanc, director of communications for the D.C. Dept. of Transpo, says the explosion will happen on the [...]

Pretty People Wanted, Inquire Within

When it comes to attractive Washingtonians, the City Paper staff doesn't exactly top the list. At least we're in good company: I'm willing to bet that the average CityDesk reader has a face for bitter, anonymous Internet commentary. But surely, there must be one hidden jewel among us who can rise up above the mass [...]