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District May Target Feral Cats as Part of Wildlife Action Plan

"We certainly don’t want people wandering the streets with guns after cats, but whatever is done will be done humanely [and] within the law.”

Appeal Denied for Columbia Heights Bird Lover Who Tried To Poison Cats

The Columbia Heights woman convicted in 2011 of attempting to poison her neighborhood cats for the sake of the bird population is, well, still guilty.
The D.C. Court of Appeals denied Nico Dauphine's appeal in a ruling issued Thursday, writing that "the government has met its burden to prove appellant acted with intent to commit the [...]

The Needle: The Truth About Cats and Blogs Edition

Don't Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em: A report from the Washington Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs found a large racial disparity in arrests for minor drug offenses and other nonviolent crimes. Black people account for more than 80 percent of arrests in D.C., as well as more than 90 percent of drug possession [...]

“Cat Stasi” Accused of Kidnapping Adams Morgan Cat

Adams Morgan resident Lorelei Kelly has a tale of woe, Washington, and cat kidnapping. But the alleged villains aren't who you'd think: They're animal rescue volunteers.
"This just strikes me as 'only in D.C.'" Kelly says. "I feel like this is someone who didn't get their Senate confirmation hearing."
When Kelly adopted her cat Sharky in 2011, [...]

Cat Appears at WCP, Maybe It’s Yours

Do you recognize the cat at right? It showed up in the Washington City Paper garage today and has stolen the hearts of our staffers. My immediate plan was to reap BuzzFeed-levels of traffic with a cat slideshow, but it's scared and seems to want to go home—wherever that may be.
If this is your cat, [...]

The Needle: Vance on the Warpath Edition

Can You Hear Me Now?: Add cell phone bills to the long list of ways the D.C. Council has managed to waste money this year (besides Lincoln Navigators and trips to New Hampshire, of course). Roaming charges and extensive messaging added up to $61,000 in cell phone bills over the last year for the council [...]

Don’t Leave Dogs Out In Thundersnow!

With snow and ice forecast for this afternoon and evening, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals sends over this urgent message for any pet owners who aren't smart enough to know that animals shouldn't be left outside in blizzards:

Georgetown’s Mystery Rat Poisoner Might Kill Your Pets Too

There's someone in Georgetown who probably thinks they are doing the area a great service by dumping rat poison around town. False.
Now Georgetown pet owners will likely be in a frenzy protecting their pooches from inhaling the pellets during their evening strolls. Before we know it, all fuzzy creatures will be extinct in Georgetown if [...]

Murdered Couple’s Cats Need Homes

Mike and Ginny Spevak, the well-known Friendship Heights couple murdered in their home last November, left behind a daughter and son, their spouses, a grandson, siblings—a loving family. They also left behind three cats they adored. Two of them now need homes.

Georgetown University: Not Killing Cats

Some time ago, a member of the Burleith Listserv posted a scathing item about her neighbor, Georgetown University. The venerable college, she claimed, was slaying cats left behind by irresponsible coed renters. At the least, she wrote, officials were trapping them and delivering them to kill shelters.
"Renee202" also worried the college was sealing kitties in [...]

How Not to Hide Your Cat From Your Landlord

Prior to my landlord coming over this morning, an occasion that has happened approximately three times since my husband started renting from her 13 years ago, we decided to pretend we do not have a cat.
My husband got up first and reported to me he put the litter container "in the closet that you can't [...]