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D.C. Council Permanently Bans Pot Clubs in What Critics See as a Loss to Congress

The vote was a repeat of two weeks ago, when Councilmembers did so on first reading.

Lanier Ramps Up Effort to Find Illegal Dirt Bike, ATV Riders

Police can't chase, but they can photograph

MPD Will Help Direct Rush Hour Traffic, Won’t Enforce Red-Light Cameras at Intersections With Officers

If a cop is telling you to go, don't worry about getting a ticket.

Police Chief: 2015 Was the First Year Homicides Didn’t Drop in Targeted Areas

Still, violent crime dropped 14 percent in these four police service areas.

MPD Seeks Companies That Could Redact Body-Worn Camera Footage

MPD needs to determine if a contractor could redact footage efficiently and in compliance with privacy laws.

Report: D.C. Police Use of Force Practices and Investigations Have ‘Deficiencies’

The D.C. Auditor weighs in on procedures and policies for the Metropolitan Police Department and federal prosecutors.

Officials Aim to Open D.C. Government by Tuesday (UPDATE)

Though that decision depends on how much D.C. can get done today.

Councilmember Questions Police Chief’s Justification for Body Camera Amendment

The provision allows officers to review body-camera footage before writing initial incident reports in most cases.

D.C. Councilmember Proposes Stricter Special Police Officer Regulations

The legislation would impact campus police, plus require more training for private security.

D.C. Cop, Councilmember Caught Capering on Camera

Some fancy footwork on this December Friday.

MPD: Officers’ Conduct Was ‘Necessary and Reasonable’ During Detainment of Black Teens

The incident was recorded and shared widely online.

D.C. Police Chief on Paris-Style Attacks: ‘Run, Hide, or Fight’

During an interview Sunday, Cathy Lanier talked about how to respond to active shootings.

FBI: ‘No Specific or Credible Threat’ to D.C. Despite New ISIS Video

A video released online specifically targets D.C. and European countries.

A Year After Marijuana Legalization, Arrests Are Dramatically Down

MPD has only issued seven arrests for possession of marijuana this year

Obama Approves of Dancing D.C. Police Officer

"Who knew community policing could involve the Nae Nae?"