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Weed May Be Legal in D.C., But It’s Still Banned on Local College Campuses

Sorry, dorm-room stoners.

The Needle: Breaking Zen

Sunshine is coming our way this weekend.

District Line Daily: Michael Brown’s Prison Time

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Prosecutors want Michael Brown to serve 43 months in prison and, in a sentencing memorandum, describe [...]

The Needle: Velvet Penthouse

The Velvet Is Too Damn Much: You can score a Washington penthouse draped in green velvet for just $1.95 million. -2
Getting Drastic for Plastic: D.C. cabs will accept credit cards by March 31. +4

The Needle: Abstinence Edition

No Sex, Please, We're Catholic: Co-ed dorms have been the norm in most colleges for generations; at George Washington University, students will soon be able to share a room with anyone of any sex. After all, today's kids aren't exactly notoriously modest. At Catholic University, though, they sure will be soon. The school says it [...]

Looking for the Weed Man

The surviving member of a team of masked robbers that allegedly invaded a home rented by Catholic University students has pleaded guilty. Stefan Fields admits that he and two other friends busted into the house in Brookland in February looking for money and marijuana. In the end, police arrested Fields and shot his two cohorts. [...]

Gang Panic! Rumors Fly at Catholic University

Apparently some Catholic University of America (CUA) students have been barricading their doors in preparation for an invasion this Halloween weekend. Rumors have been circulating that blood-thirsty gang MS-13 will be marauding the campus soon, looking to assault co-eds as part of a depraved initiation rite!
But according to an e-mail sent out [...]

Neighborhood Watch: “Quite the Little Night” Near Catholic U.

The Issue: Some Catholic University of America (CUA) students living off campus like to party. They're loud, they stay up late—and worse.

Neighborhood Watch: Brookland

Regular updates on D.C. community issues!
The Issue: The Abdo – Catholic University of America (CUA) development. It fits in with the Small Area Plan (SAP) aimed at rejuvenating Brookland. Both sides of Monroe Street are to be made over, bringing 725 condos units to the area, along with a number of new retail outlets and [...]

Thousands of Issues of Catholic University Student Newspaper Trashed Across Campus

Thousands of issues of the Catholic University of America’s student newspaper, The Tower, were stolen and thrown into recycling bins across campus on Friday evening.
Several issues of the paper were ripped up and placed in front of the newspaper office, and a comic that ran in the paper was ripped out and taped next to [...]

Cardinal’s Nest Show Showdown Today at D.C. ABRA

The D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration has ordered Cardinal's Nest owner Darrell Green, a former D.C. police officer, to appear before the board today to answer multiple charges: that he allowed underage drinking; allowed beverages to be sold that were not for consumption inside of the establishment; permitted the sale of back drinks (translation: double-fisting); [...]

The Evolution of the Yearbook Photo: From Ed Liddy to John Slattery to Now

As I selected my senior yearbook photo via the world wide interwebs this week, I took a minute to think about the difference between the presentation of those images today versus previous generations.
Today, photography companies are offering many ways to make yourself look better. There are options for retouching and removing scars, tan lines, moles, [...]

Where the Brookland Bloggers At?

Over at why.i.hate.dc, a local D.C. blogger has declared war on local D.C. blogs, and written a sarcastic list of tips for creating a successful neighborhood blog (which if you follow, "you should find yourself linked by DCist and The Washington City Paper in no time!").

One anonymous commenter joked that he/she was "so inspired I'm [...]

Shotgun-Wielding Man Robs Catholic U. Student in 7-Eleven Parking Lot

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A shotgun-wielding man with a bandanna across his face robbed a Catholic University student in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven early Saturday morning, according to a release from CUA's Department of Public Safety [PDF]. The release describes the suspect as a black male, 21-27 years of age, 5’9’’, 160 lbs., and wearing [...]

College Rag Wrap Up for Feb. 9

College Rag Wrap-up: Your weekly roundup of what’s new(s) in D.C. college papers (and blogs). Each Monday, City Desk summarizes the most interesting stories from college oriented newspapers and blogs in the area. Links are compiled by City Paper intern Ryan J. Reilly, who is an editor at Catholic University’s student newspaper, the Tower.