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Pope or Nope! Your Guide To Seeing (or Avoiding) Francis in D.C.

An annotated version of Francis’ public schedule, with tips on how to spot or avoid him.

Surviving Suspect From Brookland Home Invasion Will Remain at D.C. Jail

Throughout a D.C. Superior Court hearing on Thursday, Steffan Fields, a tall and wiry 21-year-old with a vine-like tattoo winding down his right arm, looked forward without engaging the audience in the third-floor courtroom. So it must have been difficult for the prisoner to get an idea of just who was sitting behind him.
After the [...]

Is the Weedman a Catholic University Student? (And Is He Just One Man?)

If Sunday night's home-invasion robbery in Brookland had not come to such a horrific end, it's a good bet D.C. would be spending this week pondering the identity of the city's newest pseudonymous drug-culture celebrity: The Weedman.
The three-man crew who allegedly stormed the group-house home of six Catholic University students at about 10:30 that night [...]

Thousands of Issues of Catholic University Student Newspaper Trashed Across Campus

Thousands of issues of the Catholic University of America’s student newspaper, The Tower, were stolen and thrown into recycling bins across campus on Friday evening.
Several issues of the paper were ripped up and placed in front of the newspaper office, and a comic that ran in the paper was ripped out and taped next to [...]

Cardinal’s Nest Show Showdown Today at D.C. ABRA

The D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration has ordered Cardinal's Nest owner Darrell Green, a former D.C. police officer, to appear before the board today to answer multiple charges: that he allowed underage drinking; allowed beverages to be sold that were not for consumption inside of the establishment; permitted the sale of back drinks (translation: double-fisting); [...]

Where the Brookland Bloggers At?

Over at why.i.hate.dc, a local D.C. blogger has declared war on local D.C. blogs, and written a sarcastic list of tips for creating a successful neighborhood blog (which if you follow, "you should find yourself linked by DCist and The Washington City Paper in no time!").

One anonymous commenter joked that he/she was "so inspired I'm [...]

Shotgun-Wielding Man Robs Catholic U. Student in 7-Eleven Parking Lot

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A shotgun-wielding man with a bandanna across his face robbed a Catholic University student in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven early Saturday morning, according to a release from CUA's Department of Public Safety [PDF]. The release describes the suspect as a black male, 21-27 years of age, 5’9’’, 160 lbs., and wearing [...]

‘Keeper of the Cage’ for 62 Years Honored by CUA

At every home game the Catholic University basketball team has played in the past 62 years, Francis E. “Franny” Murray has been cheering the Cardinals on from the sidelines. But Saturday was not a typical home game for the 86-year-old employee. This time, the long time equipment manager was on the receiving end of the [...]