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D.C. Most Congested U.S. City for Drivers, Report Finds

On average, D.C.-area drivers each sit for 82 hours per year on congested roads, edging out commuters in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York,and San Jose.

D.C. Kicks Off Vision Zero Initiative to Stop Traffic Deaths

Proponents of the program hope to eliminate all traffic fatalities and serious injuries in the city by 2024. How they’ll do so remains to be seen.

Gear Prudence: Should I Sneak in Front of Cars at Lights?

Shoaling: It's not just for bikes anymore!

Washington Can Afford New Cars, Unlike Rest of Country

No "Washington is the new Versailles" story is complete without mentioning the area's appetite for expensive cars. Sean Hannity did it, and so did the New York Times. They might have a point—according to a new report from, Washingtonians have more money to spend on new cars than residents in any other city.

Truck Flips Over on 295 Ramp

This is not how trucks are supposed to look! According to the Metropolitan Police Department, the above truck flipped over on the  I-295 ramp by the 11th Street Bridge this afternoon and is still wreaking traffic havoc. Since the truck is all over it, police have shut down the ramp.
MPD isn't sure yet how the [...]

Its Driver Inside, Car Falls Into the C&O Canal

A car was driven into muddy bed of the C&O Canal in Georgetown around 3 p.m. today, according to D.C. police.
As of 3:30 p.m., the driver was still inside the car, while the vehicle was on its side, according to  the Metropolitan Police Department's Officer Hugh Carew. That description jibes with a picture tweeted from [...]

Washington’s Newest Interest Group: “Transportation Birthers”

The war on the "war on cars" continues! Hostilities began again this week after Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham said in a Washington Post article that increased visitor parking restrictions were meant to discourage driving, and really got going after newsletter author Gary Imhoff blamed the alleged decarification on hipsters.
Now David Alpert, founder of arch-smart [...]

The Needle: He Took My Weed Edition

And Now, The Afternoon Predator Report: From Marine helicopters zipping around town to the occasional Space Shuttle flyover, District residents are fairly used to odd things passing overhead. Up next could be drones. Fairfax County Police Chief David Rohrer says to expect robo-planes to appear in the D.C. region sooner rather than later. No word [...]

Drivers And Cyclists Should Probably Switch Places Occasionally

I was a little miffed that WTOP brought in a editor—the website for cars—to be the sole voice in a radio hit about the ongoing battle between cyclists and cars. Still, Carroll Lachnit, who says she also bikes, was pleasantly surprising in her comments. She offered good tips to drivers for how to avoid endangering [...]

Demolition Derby

The 1000 block of Euclid Street NW looked more like a scene out of Transformers Friday afternoon, with broken glass and debris from several cars lining the street. According to residents in the area, around 2:00 a.m., an unidentified man who they believe to be intoxicated came speeding down the street colliding with about eight [...]

The Needle: The Iceman Cometh Edition

Snow Day: Federal workers have three alternatives for dealing with the ice storm expected to roll through the region tomorrow: Work from home; take unscheduled leave; or do neither, and spend 13 hours commuting home tomorrow night, just like last week's rush hour snowstorm. Chastened by the scolding the feds got from local governments around [...]

Bicyclist Struck Purposely By Motorist in Bloomingdale

From the Bike Washington listserv via WashCycle blog:
I unfortunately had the awful experience of being hit by a car on my commute home this evening. The details are as follows: Around 5:50 PM I was riding along First St. NW with other commuters. We crossed over Florida Ave and a car came in behind me, [...]

Barry Seeks ‘Jaguar, Mercedes, or BMW’

Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry's on-again, off-again boycott went off again yesterday afternoon, when the mayor-for-life called LL to take issue with his "silly" item on Barry's new wheels.
To recap: LL noted that Barry is now driving an aging Toyota Corolla; it bears tags registered to the BMW that Barry used to drive and which [...]

Marion Barry Now Driving a Corolla, Owes $465 in Tickets

LL, preeminent chronicler of Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry's transportation as he is, has a wheels-related update.
Barry, it seems, has returned the 1997 Mercedes E320 he'd been driving to its owner, the Rev. Anthony Motley. In its place, he has opted for more a spartan whip: He arrived at the John A. Wilson Building this [...]

Harry Thomas Gets Booted, Blames Fenty

Examiner's Michael Neibauer was first to report this morning that Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr. got his car booted last week.
He had failed to pay four tickets incurred by his 2007 Audi Q7 SUV, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles. The Audi was parked in a rush hour zone on Sept. 21; parked [...]