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The Needle: Ice Cold Edition

Meet the New Boss: For an ambitious young House Republican, overseeing the District isn't a terrible gig. You get to tell 600,000 people what to do, without fear of retribution from any voting members of Congress, and without alienating your constituents back home, who don't particularly care what the federal government's doing to a bunch [...]

Carrie Prejean and the “Tolerance Means Being Nice” Myth

I twittered a nasty comment yesterday about Carrie Prejean, the Miss California contestant who voiced her opposition to gay marriage during the competition's round of Q&A, and who, in the media circus that followed, was discovered to have posed partially nude for an underwear catalogue when she was 17 years old (this was before she [...]

Miss California, Miley Cyrus, and Chris Cooley…

My AOL mail homepage today features hater-for-hire Miss California and a teaser about "Leaked Photos," so of course I read.
Turns out some mildly tawdry shots of Carrie Prejean from her modeling career have hit the web. Nothing with animals or appliances yet, though the photos reveal her blonde hair's fake, too. (Messing with God's work [...]