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Unobstructed View: Have the Capitals Gotten Enough Buzz?

The media is writing and talking about the team. What's missing?

Unobstructed View: Be More Watchable, Sports

Watchability is a weirdly underrated trait in teams across the entire spectrum of sports.

Racism, Twitter, and Joel Ward

So, last night, Caps winger Joel Ward became a local hero after scoring an overtime goal that will take the team into the second round of the NHL playoffs. Since Ward is black, and some people can't seem to help but say racist things when black people do awesome things (see: Rue, The Hunger Games), [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Nude, Green Leaves and Bust Edition

The voluptuous vaporizer vixen tending bar at Big Joe Englert's Rock & Roll Hotel on H Street NE totally called it two weeks ago. Two ounces of marijuana per month? "That's simply not enough for some people," she said.
Turns out, D.C. Council agrees. Officially giving the green light to medical marijuana in District yesterday, the Council also added new language potentially doubling the [...]

Morning Roundup: Now That’s a Situation Edition

Good morning! Happy hump day! Wednesdays are always good.
Today’s high of 91 calls for tanning oil and rebellion against work–it seems we’ve plopped in the middle of summer. I thought April was for showers? But hey, can’t complain, aside from the deadly pollen infestation that's coated my car.
Yesterday was the first funeral service held for [...]

Morning Roundup: Suck It, Chris Matthews Edition

CHRIS MATTHEWS PLAYED HARDBALL last night with the District, pounding Fenty like back-to-back snowstorms. D.C., said Matthews, has "the weather of Buffalo with the snowplowing capability of Miami." LL dispatched Matthews nicely last night; for a more nuanced take check out yesterday's Kojo NnamdeNnamdi, on which I heard DDOT head Gabe Klein remind people that [...]

Weekend In Review: District Residents Think Mayor Fenty Is A Dickhead

With the snow lasting one day, everyone should be talking about two things: the Caps' hot streak and Mayor Fenty's huge slide in a new WaPo poll. Forty-Nine percent of District residents disapprove of Fenty's job performance. Anthony Williams never had disapproval numbers like that. And he only cared about gentrifiers! Right? The difference: A [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Did Metro Know It Had a Circuit Problem Before the Crash? Edition

Wake up, Metro. It's morning time! Also: Two of your employees are telling WJLA-TV that they not only knew about the circuit problem that likely caused the June 22 crash five days before it happened, but that they reported the problem to their supervisors. This seemingly contradicts GM John Catoe's statement yesterday, in which he [...]

Cheap Seats Daily:Will Dan Snyder Sign La Canfora’s Paychecks? Is Joe Biden the Anti-Arnold?

Jason La Canfora goes to work for Dan Snyder?
That's essentially what Pro Football Talk is saying. According to the site, La Canfora has been hired away from the Washington Post by the NFL Network, the future cable powerhouse owned by the NFL, which is run by the NFL owners, none brasher than Snyder.
On some levels, [...]

D.C. ‘Roids Mystery: Caps “Aren’t Extremely Ripped or Anything.”

A Florida couple busted for running a major steroid operation and selling to pro athletes named the Nats and the Caps as two teams that availed themselves of their services, but they didn't name names.
That leaves anyone the Washington Times has so far got on the horn to speculate. Officially, of course, there's no comment [...]

800 Block of 7th Street NW, May 5

Our Morning Roundup: Caps on a Hot Streak Edition

In what the Post this morning says "will likely go down as one of the best playoff games in Capitals franchise history," D.C.'s scrappy hockey team went up 2 games to none in their playoff series against Pittsburgh. That means they've won their last five playoff games, their longest post-season streak to date. It took the Verizon Center staff three minutes to [...]