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On the Shutdown’s Second Day, Sad Afternoon Drinks With Furloughed Workers

Capitol Lounge served about 140 free draft beers to federal furloughed workers Tuesday. At 3 p.m. Wednesday—an hour after the Capitol Hill bar opened for the day—five out of seven of its customers were federal workers in shorts and T-shirts sipping on free beers.
"How are you?" bartender Farrell Parker asked a woman as she walked in.
"Furloughed," [...]

Another Blaze Scorches Joe Englert’s Boozy Empire

Popular H Street NE hangout The Argonaut is closed following an apparent kitchen fire on Sunday morning. Photos of the extensive damage have been posted on the place's own web site, which also dishes up some details on the Argo's post-blaze hangover:  
Most of you may not know this, but our kitchen used to be an alley. Which means that [...]

D.C. Council Catches World Cup Fever (Sort of)

Emergency legislation passed by D.C. Council yesterday allowing D.C. bars to open as early as 7 a.m. during the World Cup soccer tournament in South Africa would seem to suggest the presence of a few footy fans in the upper eschelons of city government, right?
Well, sort of. "Soccer has enormous interest everywhere, from what I [...]