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The Needle: Who Wants It? Edition

Who Wants To Buy A Diner?: Having your restaurant close up shop for lack of business is no great indignity; dining is a tough market, after all. But having to sell it on eBay afterwards must sting a bit. The erstwhile Capital City Diner is doing just that, though. The good news: It could be [...]

The Friday Limerick Review

The man with an arm like a hammer
Whose back taxes caused quite the clamor
The infamous Cho
Does not have to go
Spend 40 long years in the slammer
D.C. has a new place to eat
(Its transport was quite the mean feat)
You know what'd be hot?
Some food from this 'bot
To make morning breakfast complete
Gee, what was this statement from [...]

Photos: Breakfast Special

Photo: Tuesday, The Diner

Bladensburg Road NE, February 23

Our Morning Roundup: Policing Indifference

Frozen Tropics has more info on the recent mugging of Capital City Diner's owners. The owners post their own account here. As many of you know by now, the two claimed they were robbed while walking home on Bladensburg Road NE. This is just a small excerpt from their account (you really should read the [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Who’s Kris Allen, Again? Edition

An American Idol upset last night. Don't care. Don't watch it. But today the Washington Blade is saying it was "smear the queer" time in America. Just like when Brokeback lost! Scandal! Sniff!
My idol? Michael Volpe, the 25-year-old guy standing in front of Metro stations with a bright orange sign advertising himself as an entry [...]