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Critical Grass: D.C.’s First Medical Marijuana Reviews

In D.C.’s fledgling medical marijuana regime, Warren was patient 3.
The makeup artist and hair stylist was the third person in the District to obtain a medical marijuana license after the city’s first legal dispensaries opened this summer, which, for now, makes him and fewer than 60 others members of one of D.C.’s most exclusive clubs. [...]

Where D.C. Medical Marijuana Stands

Fifteen years after the District voted to legalize medical marijuana, the first patients are just starting to fill prescriptions at dispensaries throughout the city. But wide access to the drug has been stymied by restrictive regulations that were designed to keep Congress from interfering with the program. Now, medical marijuana advocates are working with the [...]

The Needle: That Smell

Not So Sweet: Georgetown Cupcake was evacuated this morning after a mysterious odor appeared in the shop. The smell was eventually blamed on a nearby manhole.  -1
Smoke Weed E'ryday (Legally): Capital City Care, one of the District's first medical marijuana dispensaries, is set to open next month and looks like a spa. Also, one of [...]