Magic Doing Disappearing Act on D.C. Market?

Magic Johnson is getting out of the coffee business. Given other recent transactions involving the Dream Teamer, this could be the beginning of an exodus of Johnson-owned businesses from our area.
The Los Angeles Times reported that Johnson, who made Prince George's County one of his early targets along the way to developing his post-NBA pro-minority-business-ownership persona, sold his [...]

Robin Ficker’s Still Got It, Whatever “It” Is!

Robin Ficker

I was on the Washington Post archives site recently and noticed in the middle of the page they had a list of the most popular stories currently being pulled from 130 or so years of newspapers.
On this night, the roster looked like this:

Most Viewed Articles (Updated Daily)
•  Display Ad 22 — No Title
•  Overnight Legend Descends on [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Is Ralph Friedgen Now the NCAA Heavyweight Champ?

We were told last night that President Obama "has taken us beyond black and white in our politics."
Oh, for somebody to do the same for Georgetown basketball!
(Full disclosure: Repeatedly bringing up the role of race in the Hoyas basketball history will only do wonders for the value of my Tom Lang trading card collection. I [...]

Bruce Springsteen Doesn’t Do Sports Real Well, But Nils Lofgren Does

I'm awed by the apathy toward this weekend's Steelers–Cardinals matchup. What's its Roman numeral, Super Bowl ZZZ?
Nobody around here cares. I got invited to two parties on Sunday. Neither gathering has anything to do with the game.
The halftime attraction, Bruce Springsteen, has gotten a lot more attention than any game-related story line.
At his press conference [...]