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Capital Bikeshare Trips, Visualized

Capital Bikeshare is the best bike-sharing system, ever. But where are all those bikes going? A new data visualization map from Mobility Lab offers some answers.
The map, which uses data from Capital Bikeshare's third quarter of 2012, draws lines between a station and where its bikes most frequently end up. The Massachusetts Avenue NW station [...]

The Needle: Scared to Death

Played Off: Pigskins team orthopedist James Andrews says he never cleared quarterback Robert Griffin III to go back into yesterday's Seahawks game. Andrews was "scared to death" that Griffin was still playing, according to USA Today. -10 (-5 for Pigskins loss, -5 for RGIII injury)
Mercurial Host: RGIII's success this season had team owner Dan Snyder [...]

The Needle: Closing Times

Layoffs Held Off: Layoffs that Fishbowl D.C. reports could eliminate a quarter of the Washington Times' staff are being delayed until January, either because of incompetent management or the CEO's wife's broken leg. Meanwhile, Times staffer Emily Miller accepted a $90 gift from Chairman Phil Mendelson. -2
Aloha: Goodbye to Daniel Inouye, Hawaiian senator and really [...]

The Needle: Bikeshare Shortage

New Stations Delayed: Is Capital Bikeshare a victim of its own success? Demand from other cities, along with technical and financial difficulties for the company that makes the stations, means that the city is having trouble meeting its goal of 54 new stations. -2
Weather Worries: At a record-breaking 71 degrees, the weather has gone from [...]

Transportation Returns: Taxi Surcharge Expiring, Bikeshare and Car2Go Reopen

We can move again! With the remains of Hurricane Sandy turning into what amounts to a heavy drizzle, D.C.'s transportation services are reopening. Metro already announced that service is being restored at low levels at 2 p.m., while car-sharing service Car2Go, which closed at 7 p.m., started renting again at 10 a.m.
Capital Bikeshare is set [...]

Not Even Bikeshare Can Stand Up to Sandy

There's one more name to add to the ever-growing list of city services that are closed tomorrow: Capital Bikeshare. In an email to users earlier tonight, the program announced that it will stop allowing rentals early Monday morning.
"Due to the expected severe weather, Capital Bikeshare will be closing temporarily starting at 1am [...]

Capital Bikeshare Tops Other Cities in Users

As the frequent dock-blocking at its stations makes clear, there are a lot of Capital Bikeshare users. So many that the program had more annual users than other U.S. city's bike-sharing programs studied in February, Greater Greater Washington discovered.
Washington leads the pack with 19,200 annual members, dwarfing second-place Boston, with 3,600 annual users, and third-place [...]

Capital Bikeshare, Unsurprisingly, Gets People to Buy Their Own Bikes

File under logical conclusions: Capital Bikeshare has encouraged at least a handful of people to buy their own bikes. Transportation Nation has a whole bunch of warm- and fuzzy-sounding anecdotal evidence that the system—which encourages casual, utilitarian cycling but also has its share of inconveniences—has nudged users to become proud [...]

Ads Coming to Bikeshare

Good news for libertarians who think Capital Bikeshare relies too much government money: The District's Department of Transportation is looking for a company to sell ads at the District's Bikeshare stops.
The ads will go on the map panels at 128 of the stations in the District (the other four are on Park Service property). According [...]

Reason: What Are All These Rich White People Doing on Bikeshare?

What's up with conservatives and Capital Bikeshare this summer? First a Washington Times columnist exposed their metrosexual, dress-wearing ways, and now, the libertarians at Reason are wondering why Bikeshare's getting government money when its users are better educated and more likely to be employed than the average Washingtonian.
In a video about the program, MTV VJ-turned-Reason-contributor Kennedy wants to know [...]

Bikeshare Users More Employed than Rest of D.C., Poorer than Other Commuters

Capital Bikeshare members are more likely to be employed than the average D.C. resident, and they save an average of $819 a year by using the service. But it's not all good news: they're also a little poorer than the average commuter in Washington.
The information comes from a new survey of Bikeshare users. While around 70 [...]

Charles Hurt’s Bikeshare Rant is Sexist, Too

Everyone's read Charles Hurt's totally batshit column about Capital Bikeshare for the Washington Times, right?
If you haven't, Martin Austermuhle at DCist very capably broke down just how batshit it is. But while Hurt's argument that Bikeshare is a Communist plot is exceptionally virulent, the public-transit-is-for-pinkos point isn't an entirely new one.
What is particularly chafing to [...]

The Needle: He Biked That Way! Edition

Talkin' Bout the Money: Court documents released in today's guilty plea by a former Vince Gray campaign aide (as opposed to Tuesday's guilty plea by a former Vince Gray campaign aide) indicate the winning effort accepted money from at least one "straw donor," who gave funds actually provided by someone else. Which has the potential [...]

Capital Bikeshare Hits Two Million Rides

The system hit a pretty cool milestone yesterday, just ahead of Bike To Work Day:
It's official, we have crossed the 2 millon ride mark and there's no going back. Congrats to all of U for all your pedaling!
—Capital Bikeshare (@bikeshare) May 17, 2012
Meanwhile, organizers of today's event say 12,700 riders in the D.C. metro area [...]

Bike Lanes Everywhere!

TBD's John Hendel rounds up D.C.'s bike projects set for spring, including bike tracks to make commuting easier for new cyclists. And more, more, more bike lanes:
DDOT has stepped up its game this spring to help complete the biking plans set forth a few years back. How? After spending much of 2011 idle, D.C. jumped [...]