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Our Morning Roundup: D.C. Gets Not Just Real Housewives, But Real Worlders

Good morning City Desk readers, and welcome to an especially vapid installment of Freedom Friday. A few weeks back, yours truly ran into a friend of a friend while picking up some necessities at the CVS on 14th St. in Columbia Heights. Said friend was printing out headshots for his Real World tryout. Yet at [...]

Yglesias Clears the Air on Blog ‘Hijacking’

For those of you who missed this morning's post about the debacle at the Center for American Progress Action Fund, here's a recap: Jennifer Palmieri, CAPAF CEO wrote what is now being called a guest post on Matt Yglesias' blog, clarifying CAP's position on the think tank Third Way, which Yglesias criticized on his blog [...]

Center for American Progress Action Fund CEO Hijacks Matt Yglesias’ Blog

Matt Yglesias, wonky wunderkind, ardent liberal, and self-proclaimed expert on everything, pissed off his bosses at the Center for American Progress by bashing the think tank Third Way on his blog:
Third Way is a neat organization — I used to work across the hall from them. And they do a lot of clever messaging stuff [...]