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Loose Lips Daily: The Kids are Four to Five Points Less Alright Edition

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City Paper exclusive on MPD's go-go report.
Wanted: One mayor for mayoral forum
Sweeperscam now even more expensive

Good morning sweet readers! Did anyone manage [...]

First Vincent Gray Fundraiser Is Set for Next Week

Invitations are circulating for Vincent Gray's first mayoral fundraiser, set for next Wednesday at the home of Ward 4 socialite Judith Terra.

Barry Drug Supplier Now Supplying D.C. Campaigns With Donations

In the annals of D.C. political history, the name Hassan H. Mohammadi has been all but forgotten—relegated to the depths of LexisNexis and a couple of mentions in Dream City, that indispensible chronicle of '80s Washington.
But 20 years ago, Mohammadi was the talk of the town—a friend of Marion Barry's throughout the mayor-for-life's '80s party [...]

LL’s March 10 Campaign Finance Report Roundup

Adrian M. Fenty, Democrat for mayor
Contributions This Period: $327,306 ($3,904,007 total)
Expenditures This Period: $57,656 ($570,388 total)
Cash on Hand: $3,333,619
The Skinny: For what's typically among the least active reporting periods, Team Green delivered another impressive haul, inching the total haul toward $4 million. The donors, per usual, are heavily from the building industry, [...]

Key Fenty Supporter Judith Terra Is ‘Keeping Options Open’ for 2010

A juicy little nugget was nestled in the Washington Post's Reliable Source column this morning: D.C. Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray was spotted dining in Georgetown Saturday with Virginia Hayes Williams (mother of ex-mayor Tony) and socialite and philanthropist Judith Terra.
Terra's name lands with a thud—she, after all, was one of Fenty's earliest supporters, hosting [...]

Snow Homework: Crowdsource Fenty’s Campaign Finance Report!

Just in case there's some other D.C. politics dorks looking for some indoors weekend activities, LL proffers this idea: Check out Mayor Adrian M. Fenty's doozy of a campaign finance report!
Courtesy of LL and his proprietary software capable of rendering unreadable OCF reports into easy-to-scan spreadsheets, you can take the raw data and extract all [...]

LL’s Jan. 31 Campaign Finance Report Roundup

Jim Graham, Ward 1 Democrat
Contributions This Period: $171,391 ($171,391 total)
Expenditures This Period: $8,611 ($8,611 total)
Cash on Hand: $162,780
The Skinny: Say what you will about Graham, the man is simply a powerhouse fundraiser—from the lawyers to the restaurants/bars to the developers to the just plain ol' folks, the bespectacled one knows how to [...]

What Will Citizens United v. FEC Mean for District Elections?

Yesterday's Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission has elicited a surfeit of passion—both apocalyptic and celebratory, but mostly apocalyptic—over the effect it will have on American elections.
Virtually all of the commentary has been focused on campaigns for federal offices, but the court's holdings, on broad First Amendment grounds, may render election [...]

D.C. Democrats’ Convention Funding Broke Rules, Audit Finds

D.C. Democrats improperly raised funds for their trip to the 2008 Democratic National Convention, a city audit has found.
At issue has been the relationship between the state party organization, the D.C. Democratic State Committee, and an organization established last year to raise funds for the Denver convention. Organizers maintained that the two bodies were entirely [...]

Happy Holidays from Mayor Fenty—and Don’t You Forget It

Today at the D.C. Armory, thousands of city residents are lining up for big holiday gift boxes. This large-scale act of civic goodwill comes thanks to the Feed the Children charity, the NBA Players Association, and the city government.
And, for Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, in this nascent campaign season, such an act of generosity [...]

D.C. Democrats Not Off the Hook, Say Finance Officials

In recent months, the D.C. Democratic State Committee has come under the disapproving glare of city campaign finance officials. That glare remains trained on the local Democratic umbrella organization.
According to an interim audit report released Monday, the city campaign finance office did not accept explanations offered by DCDSC officials for fundraising irregularities. Audit officials maintain [...]

D.C. Democrats Split Over Finance Questions

A special meeting of the D.C. Democratic State Committee to discuss an ongoing finance investigation degenerated into chaos Wednesday, with members deeply split on how to proceed with the inquiry.
A preliminary report from the Office of Campaign Finance last month concluded that committee finances has been improperly documented and misreported since early 2008, and moreover, [...]

Campaign Finance Hammer Comes Down on Democrats

Not many folks in this town tremble at the prospect of a D.C. Office of Campaign Finance investigation, given its historically light hand when it comes to enforcement. But sometimes trembling is warranted: According to a preliminary report issued earlier this month [PDF], the D.C. Democratic State Committee has got some 'splaining to do.
For one [...]

Top D.C. Officials Haven’t Filed Financial Disclosures

Every May 15, legions of city employees scramble to finish their financial disclosure statements—public documents collected by the Office of Campaign Finance laying out whether government managers and certain other workers have any real or potential conflicts of interest.
This year, for instance, LL walked into Phil Mendelson's office on May 15 to see the at-large [...]

Ethics Office to Investigate Local Democrats

Last week, LL reported that the city campaign finance office had opened a preliminary inquiry into the D.C. Democratic State Committee.
Wesley Williams, a spokesperson for the office, confirms today that an official investigation has been launched into the committee's finances. Williams was unable to provide details of the probe, but it comes in response to [...]