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Who to Vote for (and Who Not to Vote for) in D.C.’s 2014 Democratic Primary

Another election, another set of would-be leaders who mostly seem determined to test just how willing District voters are to keep showing up and voting no matter how lousy their choices are.
What better explanation is there for the field that confronts D.C. Democrats? Four of 13 members of the D.C. Council are seeking the nomination [...]

The Needle: Mystery Votes

Party Poopers: The Examiner declares both major parties' D.C. election-watch parties "bad." That's understandable from the losing Republicans, but apparently not even the Democrats could get excited enough to throw a good victory bash. -4
Gurley Votes: How to explain the mysterious 57,000 votes cast in the chairman's race Tuesday for little-known Calvin Gurley? It's not [...]