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Pigskins Shame Spiral: California Bans R-Word in Public Schools

A win for the West Coast

Pigskins Shame Spiral: Norton and California vs. Washington Football Team

Eleanor Holmes Norton and the California State Assembly say "nay" to the status quo.

California Bans Plasma TVs, Could It Happen to Us?

At the DC Energy Expo a couple of weekends ago, my jaw dropped when I learned just how much energy it takes to run a plasma television set: A whopping three times as much electricity as a regular TV.  Even when they aren't running, plasma TVs suck an enormous amount of "vampire energy" – the [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Protest & Putt-Putt Edition

*IT AIN'T ALL ABOUT SOTOMAYOR: The Post fronts the news from California: a 6-1 ruling by the State Supreme Court upheld Proposition 8, citing widespread support among voters.
...the California court said voters spoke clearly, through last fall's ballot initiative known as Proposition 8, in wanting to limit marriage to a man and a woman. At [...]

The Golden Rule: California Parochial School Expels Lesbians

To the students of California private parochial schools, a word of advice: be careful who you hug in the hall. Or at home, or in My Space photos.
Yesterday, the Fourth District Court of Appeal in San Bernardino, Calif. ruled that California Lutheran High School in Riverside County is allowed to expel students it believes to [...]