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D.C. Taxis Can Pick Up Multiple Passengers During Metro Shutdown

Operators can pick them up at taxicab stands and within one mile of Metrorail stations.

Can You Catch a Cab Today?

Yes, but don't hold your breath.

D.C. Cabs Could See 10 Percent Drop in Ridership This Year, Says Cab Commission

How much is Uber digging into D.C. cabs' business?

D.C. Cabs Could Get Surge Pricing

One of the key differences between D.C. taxicabs and their app-based competitors, like Uber, is that the government strictly regulates uniform prices for all cabs, while non-taxis are allowed to have their prices respond to market demands, with prices fluctuating at any given moment.
But now, under a new proposal first reported on by WAMU, the D.C. [...]

Taxi Fares Go Up Today, Sort Of

Starting today, the minimum price of a D.C. cab ride goes up from $3 to $3.25. But there's a catch.
In order to charge the additional 25 cents, drivers need to get the long-awaited credit card machines installed in their cabs. The drivers have until August 31 to get the machines. From now until the end [...]

D.C. Cabs Should Accept Credit Cards By End of August, Commission Says

You'd be forgiven for being skeptical after so many delays, but the D.C. Taxicab Commission voted today to require that all D.C. cabs install the equipment to accept credit card payments by Aug. 31. For real this time.
But it's not all good news for passengers: The new meters will also come with a $0.25 base [...]

The Needle: Elephant Walk

Room to Roam: The National Zoo's elephant habitat redesign is finally done, and it looks great. But was it worth getting rid of the zoo's hippos? That's a question each of us has to deal with individually. +3
Flagged Down: The new dome lights mandated for D.C. cabs should make hailing a ride easier, and look [...]

Cab Drivers: An Unhappy Bunch

About three hours into today’s D.C. Council hearing over two taxicab laws—the modernization act, and a bill that would add wheelchair-accessible cabs to the fleet—it occurred to me that the reason drivers are seen as such a powerful bloc is because they share one interest: Being the underdogs.
Whether it’s by the councilmembers, the hotel association, [...]

Cabs Are Probably, Sort Of Raising Rates

Hey y'all. Welcome back from the holiday! The big headline in this story is that taxi cabs will likely be increasing their rates from $1.50 to $2.75. But read a little further, and it turns out that there will also be fewer surcharges, so essentially more money will be going to the driver, less to [...]

How to Fight Cab Rape

If, walking down the street, you suddenly realize you're being followed, or you're too drunk to make it home safely on your own, hailing a taxi is usually a fine idea. But Saturday, The Washington Post reported that there might be a reason not to: A man posing as a cabbie has been sexually assaulting women.
District [...]

Did a New York Congressman Ride-and-Ditch a D.C. Cab Driver?

What does a U.S. representative do when a D.C. cabbie doesn't follow his specific, and also illegal, instructions for their drive around town? Ride-and-ditch like any wholesome American!

Our Morning Roundup: Taxi Cab Confessions

Good morning City Desk readers, and welcome to the first Fall Freedom Friday! Or something! So: Ted Loza. Smart cat. Why? Well, because if his boss' claims are true, Loza got money for nothing. Per the excellent reporting of one Mike DeBonis, Mr. Jim Graham has claimed Loza had nothing to do with cab regulations [...]

What’s Up With the Cabs Today?

I just got a tip that cabbies aren't picking people up this morning. And that there are very few cabs even on the street. One reader tells me that she looked for a cab for 15 minutes before giving up. Does it have to do with the lifting of the gas surcharge?
Are the cabbies on [...]