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Hundreds of Cabs Will Temporarily (and Legally) Lack Credit Card Readers

Hundreds of cabs could soon be without credit card readers—at least temporarily. The D.C. Cab Commission announced today that Gleike, which serves more than 700 cabs, will cease operations because of financial troubles, which has prevented the company from actually paying its cab drivers.
"Gleike has been under scrutiny since reports came to DCTC’s attention that [...]

Hundreds of Cab Drivers Show Up for Inaugural Meeting With Teamsters

D.C. cab drivers are pissed about the high costs of city-mandated modernization, so on Tuesday, about 800 of them packed into a union building on Ames Street NE for the first meeting of a new partnership between drivers and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. From the sounds of it, they already had the labor union thing [...]