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DDOT Confirms End of Upper Georgetown Circulator

Yesterday City Desk reported on how the upper Wisconsin Avenue portion of the D.C. Circulator's bus route was on the chopping block. The Department of Transportation has since confirmed: It will in fact be chopped.
According to DDOT spokesman John Lisle, this “difficult decision” stems from budget constraints: Although the upper leg carries 2 percent of [...]

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Attention 42 Metrobus Riders: Meet the 43

In a recent City Desk poll of the city's worst bus lines, one in particular got a whole lot of attention: The 42, which runs from Mount Pleasant to downtown via Adams Morgan and Dupont Circle.
Looks like the 42's about to get a bastard cousin.
Blogger Connetiquette Ave discovers through his eagle eyes that Metro has [...]

What’s The Worst Bus Line?

Here's a good idea. New Columbia Heights has a semi-regular feature where they review Metro bus lines. The blog's latest installment focuses on the Buses of 14th Street–the 52, 53, and 54. The reviewer lets it rip:
"I've taken this bus heading south during rush hour and not during rush hour, and it's always a pain. [...]