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This Week’s Page Three Photo

2700 Block of 14th Street NW, January 29
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Soon, You’ll Be Able to Refill Your SmarTrip Card on the Street

There's a better than 7 percent chance that you're the one holding up the Metrobus as you fumble with your change trying to reload your SmarTrip card just as people are trying to board at a busy intersection.
Fortunately, you may soon be able to take care of your finances on the street.
Metro is considering installing [...]

Photo: Local

H Street NE, September 13

Photos: Fight on the X2

600 Block H Street, NW.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

Avoiding Bus Bunching

The Atlantic Cities has a cool, nerdy post on the science behind avoiding bus "bunching." You know, that thing where you wait and wait for a bus and then two or three show up at the same time.
Transportation analysts say that the traditional way of managing bunching—building in periods of "slack time" and forcing the driver [...]

Metro Tracks Down Pushy Bus Driver

Metro officials say they've found the Metrobus driver filmed unceremoniously heaving a passenger from his ride. Metro spokesperson Dan Stessel says Metro isn't releasing the allegedly grumpy driver's name, and that there's no word on criminal charges against him. "At this point, this is an administrative process," he says.
Video of the incident surfaced [...]

Metro Wants to Find This Pushy Driver

A Metrobus driver is in trouble for getting pushy—literally.
Video of a hulky driver shoving a not-so-hulky, maybe even scrawny, rider off a bus surfaced over the holiday weekend, and has WMATA hunting the offending employee. They weren't able to immediately identify the driver from the video, but Metro spokesperson Dan Stessel told NBC [...]

Photo: X2 Portrait

X2 Bus, 8th and H Street, NE. © 2011 Matt Dunn

Photo: Man on the Bus

700 Block E Street, NW. © 2010 Matt Dunn

Don’t Forget—Free Walks to Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear!

By now, with the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear just days away, you've moved on from strategizing how to cadge tickets to a Daily Show taping and are, instead, strategizing how you're going to get to the big event on Saturday morning. (And just how much booze and/or weed—or, if you go to Georgetown, [...]

Impact! City Desk Helps Eliminate Pesky Manhattan Bus Stop

Suck it Malcolm Gladwell! In last week's New Yorker magazine, the author and journalist took aim at social media. Well, Malcolm, explain this please.
On Tuesday, I blogged in this space about how a new D.C.-Brooklyn discount bus line had a critical failure: a stop at Penn Station in Manhattan. Going through Manhattan sort of defeats the [...]

New D.C.-Brooklyn Bus Service Has Critical Flaw: Manhattan

Last week, Prince of Petworth relayed the news of a new bus service, the knowitExpress, between the District and New York City. But the terminal locations—U Street NW in D.C. and Park Slope in Brooklyn—are places not currently served by discount intercity bus service. And they're places to get excited about.
As Brooklyn365 notes, "this bus route [...]

The Needle: Justin Bieber Edition

Yes, Virginia, There Is a Space Program: Look out, Florida—the Old Dominion is coming after you. NASA officials will launch a "suborbital rocket" from a facility on the Eastern Shore next week, complete with a safety system that will cause the rocket to self-destruct if it strays from its expected flight path. (Fun!) Might this [...]

Photo: Circulator at Night

Photos: Parts Unknown