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Kids Say the Darndest Things (About D.C.’s New Anti-Bully Law)

Mayor Vincent Gray signed an anti-bullying measure into law today, making the District the 18th jurisdiction in the nation to make being mean to other kids a crime. Supporters hailed the law as a great move for the city’s kids, so we figured asking the kids what they actually thought about bullying might be a good idea.
Jason Cedillos, 13, [...]

WUSA Reporter Switches Beat, Takes Time Off in Wake of Bullying

A few weeks ago I poked a bit of fun at this WUSA sting of a Foxhall liquor store where teens buy booze. It seemed kind of silly, since humans finding ways to purchase alcohol while underage is hardly news. But in the Post Style section (unclear why it's in Style instead of Metro, but [...]

GIRLFIGHT! The Washington Post Creates A Non-Trend

I just don't find this Post story on a so-called "surge" in violence among young women very convincing. The argument goes thus:

This year, four unrelated pairs of women were involved in arguments that ended in homicide; one pair of roommates at Howard University had a fight that culminated in one allegedly throwing a boiling pot [...]