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Unobstructed View: If You Don’t Like Bryce Harper, You Are a Joyless Wet Blanket

There's something significant about the persistence of "douche" as the go-to descriptor for Harper.

Unobstructed View: Thanks to Those Who Make Sports Possible

Not everyone working this holiday makes six figures.

Nationals Fire Matt Williams. Is Cal Ripken Up Next?

General Manager Mike Rizzo said he wasn't going to let Williams "twist in the wind" and indeed he didn't, cutting ties on the first day of the team's offseason.

Unobstructed View: Worst Week Ever

The Nats were supposed to be the chance for a D.C. sports team to distinguish itself from a circus sideshow.

Nationals Magic Number: 17

Today's magic number for the Nats to clinch their division: 17. Not long ago, that was also Bryce Harper's age.

The Needle: Harper’s Ferry?

Hot Take: An anonymous scout says Bryce Harper has had a bad year and he could see the Nationals trading him "for a young arm and hold on to Denard Span." Let's get a name attached to this scout before we start throwing out our hometown Harper gear. -3
Your Money and Your Life: The lawyer who filed the lawsuit that led [...]

The Needle: Honesty, Honestly Edition

Truth Hurts: Joe Edwin Honesty of Alexandria? Not so honest, apparently. He was arrested yesterday for lying about placing a bomb in the Fairfax County courthouse. +2
I Have to Admit It's Getting Better: Manager Davey Johnson was ejected from today's Nationals-Pirates games, but at least things ended with a Bryce Harper walk-off homer. +3

The Needle: In Congress, Opinions Are Like Assholes Edition

Express Yourself: Voters approved an amendment to the Home Rule Charter in April that would allow D.C. to spend locally raised money without waiting for Congress to appropriate it to us by an overwhelming 81-13 margin. The official word from the House of Representatives: Well, that's just your opinion. Literally—a report issued by the GOP-controlled [...]

The Needle: Waving Goodbye

Serious Stuff: Should Nationals fans stop doing "the wave?" Your Needler doesn't know anything about baseball, but it does seem like the anti-wave crowd is light on arguments. DCist writes: "It's amateurish, never well-timed, and, well, kind of pointless." Coincidentally, that could describe most things fans do at sports games. Plus, Bryce Harper is in [...]

The Needle: Hoop Schemes

The Big Dance: How are D.C. councilmembers using their tickets to Sweet Sixteen games at the Verizon Center? Depends which one you ask. +2
Donkey Sauce: Is Eastern Market about to be featured on fusion cuisine guru Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives? Signs point to yes! -3

5 Ways to Describe Bryce Harper’s Muscles

Spring training isn't the most thrilling time in a baseball reporter's year, but that hasn't stopped the Washington Post's James Wagner from finding his muse in between Bryce Harper's deltoids. Below, how to say over and over that Harper is ripped:

"His muscular body."
"Athletic, growing and built."
"Broad shoulders and unspeakably high expectations."
"Harper built his body as [...]

RGIII Will Turn The Country Against D.C.

Pigskins quarterback Robert Griffin III has energized the team's fan base, increased the team's playoff chances, and even made friends with Bryce Harper. But will Griffin and his BA in political science lead us to ruin?
So posits the Weekly Standard's Geoffrey Norman, who imagines the RGIII-led Pigskins facing off against quarterback Andrew Luck's Indianapolis Colts [...]

The Needle: Pig Invasion

Oink Oink: Northern Virginia could see an invasion of wild pigs. -4
Agenda 21: Yet another burger chain has announced that it's headed to the Washington area. This time, it's called Burger 21, but the rhetoric ("premium ingredients") and, presumably, the deliciousness are the same. +1

A Summertime Nationals Fan in October

I am out of the office the rest of the day but will return on Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012. Please contact the front desk with any pressing issues. Have a great afternoon.
Configuring the Outlook inbox was the day’s top thrill. Minutes later I’m on the cautious, emotionally fragile Green Line with the quiet people: It's [...]

The Needle: Appleseed Aghast

Bad Apples: Three Ballou High School students fell ill today after eating apples from a teacher. Several other students had to be evaluated by the fire department. -4
Better Call Sol: Star outfielder Bryce Harper is blaming dropped flyballs on a "sun monster." But this isn't the set up for a Doctor Who episode, rather, it's [...]