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Hannah Montana, the Jonas Brothers, and the Boss?

Bruce Hendricks, director of 2008's Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour and present bomb Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience, told MTV that he'd love his next 3D concert film to feature...Bruce Springsteen.
Considering Springsteen's knee-slidin', shtick-filled Super Bowl performance, perhaps the idea isn't so far-fetched. Hendricks has yet to pitch the [...]

Bruce Springsteen Doesn’t Do Sports Real Well, But Nils Lofgren Does

I'm awed by the apathy toward this weekend's Steelers–Cardinals matchup. What's its Roman numeral, Super Bowl ZZZ?
Nobody around here cares. I got invited to two parties on Sunday. Neither gathering has anything to do with the game.
The halftime attraction, Bruce Springsteen, has gotten a lot more attention than any game-related story line.
At his press conference [...]

Hey, Congress: Get Over the Million Man March and Let the Park Service Start Estimating Again!

For City Paper's current issue I wrote about Butch Street, the National Park Service analyst who used to provide the media with an official crowd estimate at inaugurations and other large events on the Mall.
Congress kicked Street and his agency out of the estimating business for DC events after the controversy over the size of [...]

Yesterday’s Concert: Pfft.

I was appalled by the concert yesterday, which I was fortunate enough not to experience in person–my boss called me back inside to type up posts from Jule Banville, who was in the thick of things by one of the Jumbotrons. So I listened on NPR. The lineup was so boomer-oriented! It was creepy, like [...]

America Needs You, Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen killed the mall crowd and a national radio audience (I was a part of the latter) by co-leading a version of "This Land Is Your Land" with Pete Seeger.
That's as great an American tune as has ever been written. As the world sees it, Springsteen is his generation's greatest American songwriter.
The setting was [...]

Lessons From The Mall

It sucks being late. It took forever to get out of our apartment and head to the concert. We thought: The Boss has to be the closer. We were wrong. We ended up listening to the Boss on NPR in our kitchen nook! By the time we made it to the Mall (Cab to Foggy [...]

Springsteen May Perform At Inauguration Event

The inauguration is still, unbelievably, worth reading about. Performers are still signing up to perform at various functions. Which is sorta big news, right? Yesterday, I learned that Brandy might just possibly be making an appearance at one of the balls. OK. Not exactly super big news. But this morning, there was some very big [...]