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Is Dan Snyder Just Trolling Everyone?

The Dan Snyder era of Washington football has not been the most glorious, nor has it seen the wisest personnel decisions in the history of our storied local franchise. But it turns out the team owner/destroyer-in-chief of fans' playoff fantasies doesn't appear to have significantly better taste in who he hires off the field, either.
ThinkProgress has [...]

What Does Bruce Allen Do?

Bruce Allen was ostensibly hired to be the general manager of the Washington Redskins.
But since taking over the back of the shop late in the 2009 season, Allen has never gotten any credit for doing basic general managerial tasks, the basicest being putting together a team's roster.
Instead, he's been seen doing PR tasks, like glad-handing [...]

Will George Allen Wear the Gold Pants on the Campaign Trail?

Bruce Allen's all-nostalgia, all-the-time mindset apparently runs in the family.
Bruce's older brother George Allen is mounting a comeback.
George, the eldest son of the deceased Redskins coach and, on a very related note, possessor of one of the most recognizable names in the region, was run out of the U.S. Capitol in 2006.
His downfall, as the [...]

Tampa Bay Hailed for Recovering from Its Own Bruce Allen Era

Meet their old boss. Same as our new boss.
Well, OK. Maybe Bruce Allen's only the boss on paper these days.
But there was a lot of talk around here lately about how the Redskins have to look to Tampa Bay to see how a football team rebuilds the right way.
That boils down to: Bruce Allen should [...]

R You In, McNabb?

Mike Shanahan had his "Swinging Gate" moment just 8 games into his first year.
Skins fans haven't been this blindsided by a coaching blunder in, well, however many weeks it's been since Jim Zorn called that fake field goal against the Giants.
What made memories of Zorn's call so durable was that the coach stuck with it even after the Giants [...]

Dan Snyder to Use Dubious Grammar, Dubiouser Accuracy In Next Attempt to Move Club Seats?

A Georgetown grad student who identifies himself as a Redskins media intern has posted details of, and a visual from, what he says will be the next marketing campaign the team will use to try to unload unsold premium seats for the 2010 season.
"Sales of these seats have been poor and thus we put our [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Can Mike Shanahan Make ‘Mastermind’ a Good Word Again?

The highlight of last night's lousy BCS game was the Gatorade shower gone awry. Alabama coach Nick Saban almost went down after taking a huge hit from two surely former players who ran into him with a tub full of beverage.
Local football fans already knew how dangerous the Gatorade shower can be: That's what killed [...]

Photos: Meet the New Guy

Holy Crap! Bruce Allen Taking Over for Cerrato!

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