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What Do Michelle Rhee and Britney Spears Have in Common?

Update: Pwned! The Reliable Source had the dress and the date news months ago.  LL takes no responsibility for this and places the blame squarely on  KCRA-TV reporter Lynsey Paulo. LL will now and forever leave fashion reporting to the experts.

The damned West Coast media has won lost the morning (even if it is afternoon already) [...]

Britney to D.C.: It’s On in March, Bitch.

Now that the Britney Spears of national elections has gone back to Wasilla, we as a culture are back on the real thing. And she knows it. And she's coming to Verizon Center March 24 (via the Examiner).
I admit to sitting through most of Britney's MTV docudrama this week (brought to you commercial-free and sponsored, [...]