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Brightest Young Things Fires Serial Plagiarist Managing Editor

Brightest Young Things boss Svetlana Legetic didn't seem to get what the big deal was Tuesday when Logan Donaldson, her site's managing editor, was caught repeatedly plagiarizing articles, including large chunks of BYT's spring and summer music guide.
Legetic wrote in an email that she wouldn't ask Donaldson to resign, and lamented that the plagiarism coverage was overshadowing the [...]

Even More Plagiarism From Brightest Young Things

What's going on at D.C. lifestyle site Brightest Young Things? Just hours after managing editor Logan Donaldson was caught plagiarizing in the site's spring and summer music guide—and had the allegations shrugged off by site founder Svetlana Legetic—there's new evidence that this isn't the staff's first brush with stealing copy.
Donaldson's March 15 story on the [...]

Brightest Young Things Editor Accused of Plagiarism

Buzzy Washington arts website Brightest Young Things has been hit with a plagiarism scandal in its spring and summer music guide.
Blurbs attributed to Brightest Young Things managing editor Logan Donaldson were actually lifted from music websites, Rolling Stone, the British Telegraph, and even Wikipedia, according to American University student and former controversial NPR intern Emily [...]

The Needle: Delegate RGIII

Pigskins President: Will Pigskins quarterback Robert Griffin III run for office when his football career is over? One Texas lawmaker thinks so. +2
Not So Great White North: Vaguely Nordic Capitol Hill restaurant Suna—its name comes from the Latvian word for moss—announced that it was closing last week. Its demise comes too late, though, to prevent [...]

Georgetown Spooked by Brightest Young Things Prank

While the rest of us were hunkering down and eating junk food during Hurricane Sandy, a Brightest Young Things writer and his pals descended on Georgetown for some pumpkin-themed pranking. This is one of those quirky things that we see every so often in Washington that could be clever but verges on obnoxious.
In the case of [...]

Photo: Tomorrow’s World

Embassy of France, NW.  Oct. 13th.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

Five Questions for Svetlana Legetic About NYT’s Crush on BYT

Brightest Young Things is bringing its party-people operation to New York City, and the New York Times is ON IT. But Sarah Wildman's Sunday Styles profile of Svetlana Legetic and her crew raises a whole universe of questions.
Luckily, BYT's leader was happy to clear things up.
Did you ever get the photo booth fixed?
Yes, we did. No [...]

Our Morning Roundup

* Seven years later, a Pentagon memorial is unveiled. [Via Washington Post]
* The Examiner asks if we're safer than we were in 2001.
* Via Politico: Republican foreign policy experts don't have much to say on Palin; Obama and McCain call a 9/11 "truce"

* In alterna-9/11 news, Busboys and Poets kicks off the "9/11 Truth Film [...]

Our Morning Roundup

- As Obama clinches the nomination, Slate catches up on the Biden ring tones. They've got "articulate and bright and clean" as well as the old favorite, "You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent."
- Sick of the 'ol convention twitter feed? Brightest Young Things is [...]

Our Morning Roundup

* Ben's Chili Bowl turns 50, remains more delicious than my parents.
* Liz, the new hater over at why.i.hate.dc, hits on a topic even trolling commenters can agree on: the meter system's bad cabbie fallout.
* Daily Campello Art News introduces you to D.C. artist Chawky Frenn's still life with animal carcass.
* Forget Phelps. BYT gives [...]

Our Morning Roundup

* Good morning! Slate's got all your military sleep-reduction news.
* The Brightest Young Things discuss when rompers go wrong.
* Mr. T in D.C. sets some rules for TV watching at the gym. In: CNN and 80's music videos. Out: Entertainment Tonight and Fox News. This writer humbly submits the perfect gym entertainment: Discovery Channel's Cash [...]