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Ted Loza Speaks: ‘This Is Bullshit’

LL cycled down through the drizzle to the District's federal courthouse this morning to catch a hearing in the Ted Loza bribery case.
Things have been rather quiet in the prosecution of Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham's former chief of staff, and LL was hoping prosecutors might be filing the new charges they've indicated that might [...]

Was Leon Swain Jr. Too Good At Playing The Criminal?

In the past few weeks, City Desk and everyone else praised Taxicab Commission Chairperson Leon Swain Jr. for his starring role as a police informant. The audio evidence is pretty clear that Swain is one talented actor. David Simon needs to put Swain in his next series.
Swain performed on hours and hours of F.B.I- produced [...]

Claim: Kamus Is No Community Organizer

Right now, Abdulaziz Kamus has a lot on his mind. First, there's the fact that he's a central figure in the Ted Loza bribery case (Kamus allegedly joined the Fed probe, wired up, and paid Jim Graham's Right Hand Man $1500 in bribes). Today, we learned that key players in the bribery scandal discussed killing [...]

Breaking: Read the Taxicab Indictments; Suspects Tried To Bribe Leon Swain Jr.

Today, 27 individuals have been arrested in connection with the growing taxicab bribery scandal. Moments ago, two indictments were unsealed. You can read them here and here. Nearly 30 individuals have been indicted in federal court.
One indictment concerns three individuals: Yitbarek Syume, Berhane Leghese, and Amanuel Ghirmazion. They have been charged with bribing and conspiring [...]

More Than Two Dozen Indicted In Bribery Scandal

WaPo is reporting that more than two dozen individuals have been indicted in the ever-expanding taxi-cab bribery scandal:
"The suspects are cab drivers or others with financial ties to the industry, said the sources, who requested anonymity because the case is actively under investigation. The indictments remained sealed on Friday.
FBI agents and local police, the sources [...]

Jim Graham Gets Pasted @ 18th and Columbia Road NW

Pictures sent in by a helpful reader:

A Time When Grahamstanding Fails

All this week Councilmember Jim Graham has strayed from his usual m.o.: He's been press shy. He has stayed relatively quiet, refusing to answer questions about his indicted chief of staff Ted Loza and the various fallout issues that have come up.
Last night, Graham played hard to get with us over this story concerning his [...]

Graham “Deeply Troubled” By Charges

Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham just told a horde of reporters that he's "deeply troubled at the indictment of Teddy Loza." This afternoon brought news that Loza, Graham's chief of staff, has been indicted on charges of accepting bribes in exchange for influencing legislation on taxicab regulation.
Looking to get a jump on his side [...]

Loza Indictment!

"You know I need it. That's why I take it, you know."
Those are the words allegedly uttered by Ted Loza, chief of staff to Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham, after receiving a payoff from someone with an interest in taxi regulation, according to a federal indictment that was unsealed today. The indictment charges Loza with [...]

Graham Aide Arrested for Bribery

Ted Loza, longtime right-hand man to Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham, has been arrested to bribery, according to the Washington Post.
Loose Lips correspondent Mike DeBonis is on the scene at Graham's office at the John A. Wilson Building. He reports that agents are searching the office and are searching computer records at an administrative office [...]