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Unobstructed View: The Wizards, Markieff Morris, and Chicken Sandwiches

Why wouldn’t fans be more excited about a free chicken sandwich than a win?

Morning Roundup: SOTU Edition

Obama called for comity! Alito mouthed "You are a liar!"* Around the one-hour mark, I started looking at snow shovels on! THE STATE OF THE UNION IS STRONG.
During his speech, the president decried Washington's "perpetual campaign where the only goal is to see who can get the most embarrassing headlines about the other [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Snyder’s PR Hire Calls Redskins ‘a Mediocre Team’?

Redskins training camp opened yesterday without Stephen Strasburg Brian Orakpo or Michael Vick. There was, however, a group of fans calling for the team to bring Vick in. Spurned ex-Redskin LaVar Arrington wondered on his WJFK radio show whether the Vick clique was hired by Dan Snyder as a "guerilla marketing campaign" to prepare the [...]